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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Hi People!

Okay, I apologize. I’ve been a TOTAL slacker, and it’s awful of me! I haven’t been cooking much, or blogging. Obviously. I’ve just been so busy, it’s not even funny. But I really am sorry! Anyways, let me explain why I have been so busy.

Well, around this time of year, it’s ODACS, and for those who don’t know it stands for Old Dominion Association of Church Schools. And basically what it is, is a Fine Arts competition for Elementary all through High school. It’s for schools around Virginia, and North Carolina, and places of those sorts. So we just had our first round of it today. Regionals. That was for schools in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and yeah, places like that (I’m seriously not good with my Geography, so sorry!!)!!!! 😉  Of course Hampton where I am!!! Anyways, so we had Regionals, which was at my school today, and it went AMAZING! It ran very smoothly, no complications what-so-ever, and was just a blast! I played in a Small Instrumental Ensemble, with two of my other friends. There was flute, cello, and violin (ME!!!) And it was amazing! We won, which means that we will be moving on the the State competition in Richmond! It’s a week from Friday, so we still have a ton of time to practice, and get our piece better! Possibly memorized!!! Then for the awards ceremony, we were picked to be show-cased in it. Which means, we got to play our piece in front of 400 people!!! How cool is that??? Uhh… awesome!!!!! I was so nervous though! It went super well though!!!!!

So the reason I’m telling you this is because since about 4 months ago, I started preparing for it and getting ready. Which takes a LOT of work, and violin was something that I wanted to focus on for a while, and it still is one of my main focuses, so I’m still taking a break, but just wanted to explain to you why I haven’t been on in so long! So goodbye for now, and I’ll try to come back soon. Maybe end of April. That’s when ODACS is over. So be looking for me soon!!!
Love you all!!!!

Junior Chef ❤ 🙂