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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Braised Shortribs! YUM!

from "Get in There and Cook"I made the most amazing braised short ribs. I never thought that I would make something like that. I was supposed to use beer, but I had a tip from Paula Deen stuck in my mind. On one of her cooking shows she made a drunk chicken, and she said “Whenever y’all are doin’ stuff lack this with some yougins’, y’all can use lack a cola or some sorta soda!” So for braised short ribs I used Ginger Ale. YUMMY!!!!! I used carrots and onions (ONIONS! 😦 ) and some garlic. I had to cook it forever though… well 3 hours isn’t FOREVER… but you get the point. Everyone LOVED them!


The Best Dinner EVER!:Chicken Paprika/Crusty Red Potatoes

Tonight I cooked the best dinner I have had in a LONG while.  Chicken paprika!! CHICKEN PAPRIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!  This was so good.  It had many different flavors because I had to put about 10 different vegetables!  That’s a lot.  One thing that I hated was chopping my onions.  I had to chop 3 onions! 3 onions aren’t good for someone who HATES the smell of onions.  I’m very sensitive to onions.  Every time I chop one (or three!) my eyes go insane.   But if I want to be a chef (actually, I already am!!) I have to learn to deal with it!  So, this recipe was easy and fun but it took some time.  But like I said it was VERY fun.  I think this is the most fun recipe I’ve done!  My techniques were braising, cooking a spice (I had to use 1/4 a cup of paprika in the vegetables), thickening  sauces with vegetable puree, enriching flavor with sour cream!!! SOUR CREAM IS THE BEST!  So those are my techniques for this recipe… but we’re not done!   I made something that I thought I would DESPISE… but I didn’t!  They were called Crusty Red Potatoes!  And I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t like these, but now I just realized… how could I hate ANYTHING with the word potato in it?!?!?!  But they were good… REAL GOOD!  All I did was… actually, lets give my mom the credit for cooking PART of this.  She did the putting the potatoes and the water in the pan in the pan and starting to cook them (I did the rest!), then I let the water evaporate and then I put salt, pepper, oil and garlic on the potatoes and fried them.   That’s pretty much it.  It was supper easy too!!  I think my boys(I’m sorry, if you are one of my readers and I don’t know you, I’m 12 and I call my dad and my brother “My Boys”. I don’t have any children!) are going to the store right now to get ice cream!  So no dessert tonight but I had the best DINNER!

Fudgy White Chocolate Chunk Brownies!

From Get in There and CookI also made a REALLY delicious brownie tonight! They were so good(shh…I’m on a staying healthy thing with my friend, don’t tell!). I really enjoyed making them because this was like the second thing I ever did with folding. Folding is already having some of your batter mixture in the bowl but you have something else that needs to go in so you put it in one spot and just take a rubber spatula and fold it VERY gently. It helps the flavors really pack into one another! Anyways, they were FANTASTIC! I think I told you guys this but I’m not a big white chocolate fan, but thanks to Richard Sax, the author of Get in There and Cook, I’m now a fan, because everything I’ve made so far with white chocolate (actually EVERYTHING period) has totally thrilled me! DELICIOUS!!

Pasta Toss with Pancetta and Pine Nuts

from Food Network MagazineTonight I made a pasta toss! One word YUMMY! It was kind of difficult though (as in too many steps!)! My whole family enjoyed it! It had very many different flavors like a red pepper, pine nuts, GARLIC!, and pancetta. This is my first recipe using pancetta! It had its own unique taste even though it is just an italian bacon! I had fun cutting everything up… that’s my favorite thing to do… use sharp KNIVES! HAHAHA! Anyway… little evil moment there! This one wasn’t out of my cookbook. Something I forgot to tell you is that I also do things out of other cookbooks… this one was out of the food network magazine! I love FN! So this one was REALLY good and a keeper! BON APPETIT!


Tonight I made the best meatloaf EVER!!!!! It was… wait I already said that!!!  It had all kinds of stuff in it. It was vegetable filled… mushrooms (don’t tell my brother!), carrots, onions, and fresh parsley ( hurray! my first recipe with FRESH parsley!). I used ground beef AND ground pork– it gave it a REALLY good flavor!!!! I mixed up sooooo many ingredients I forgot them all (mostly!)! I was actually cooking ALL day. I made valentines for some amazing friends(i love them more than anything!). I made a red velvet cake batter. Then I had these jello jiggler baking cups the shape of a heart, so I distributed the batter into the cups and baked them. Then, my mom bought some cream cheese icing and I put that into a cake decorating bag and decorated all my little cakes! Then I made stained glass sugar cookies. All I did was make a regular sugar cookie, cut it into a heart, cut another heart in that and put a jolly rancher in the middle… thanks to my friend for letting me steal her idea!

Oven Poached Chicken/ Warm Apple Crumble Cake

Tonight I made FULL meal!  My appetizer was spiral noodles (thosewere simple so I won’t do the full detail thing), my brother made them though.
My entre was The  Basic Method For Oven-Poached chicken.  It was VERY simple.  I made it like I would just regular chicken but put chicken stock and water in the pan with it.  It was really good.  But the chicken was kind of plain, so I used my imagination and created a really good meal.  What I did was I took some of my noodles, put them at the bottom of a plate, took the chicken and cut it up like  bbq (but with NO seasonings),  put that on top of the noodles and put cheddar cheese ON TOP OF THAT and microwaved it. That was kind of complicated to write as but at least I did it in one shot!  It was really good.  The last thing I made tonight you guys was the most wonderful apple cake I EVER had. It was a WARM APPLE CRUMBLE CAKE!!!!!!!! It was delicious! I made pretty much a normal white cake batter(not boxed, home-made!),  scattered apple cubes all over the mix in a pan, then put a brown sugar crumble topping on top of all that heavenlieness (is that a word????)!!!  It turned out AMAZING!  I’m usually not a big fan of apple cakes, but this I have to agree is a make again (thanks to my neighbors for letting me have their last three eggs for this. I realized once I went to get my eggs, I didn’t have any!  Can’t make that mistake on Food network can you?!?)!!! Okay that about  wraps things up. Oh yeah, mytechniques today were… for the chicken it was oven poaching, and my cake was using pure vanilla, greasing and flouring a baking pan, sifting flour, not over mixing, and   test. Wow, hopefully I learned stuff out of that! 🙂

Orecchiette with Ham and Peas

Tonight I made the most wonderful pasta dish I have EVER tasted! It is called, well if your reading this you already know the title!!!!! HAHA! Anyway, this recipe really tricked me. I thought that I would have to make a white sauce, but once I read the recipe, I understood everything. The first thing I did was start cooking the pasta like you usually do, then while I was doing that, I sauted  the peas. The peas came right out of the freezer and into the sautéing pan. I use 1 and a half TBSP of garlic oil and one garlic clove for the peas. So while they were doing their thing, I cut up the ham into itty  bitty cubes and when they were ready, I added the ham into the peas and sauted them. Then when my pasta was at al dente (I’m so proud saying that, I feel like a pro.!) I took about one cup of the pasta water out of the pot then strained it with my NEW colander. Then put it back in the pot, added parmesan cheese, pepper, the ham and peas, and the one cup of water! It was the best stuff I EVER had…oh yeah, I already said that!  My technique was sautéing.  BON APPETIT!