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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Skillet “Steaks” au poivre

Isn’t my french good?! Okay, this is sooo cool! I did my VERY FIRST recipe out of my cookbook “Get in there and cook”! ANd it was Skillet “Steaks” au  poivre!  And it was delicious!  Does anyone know what AU POIVRE means? I’ve tried to figure that out but I can’t.  Anyway, the reason I put a parenthesis in steaks is because it’s actually ground beef with salt and pepper on them, so the real thing is skillet ground beef au piovre. And, in my cookbook, every recipe has a technique so this recipes technique is DEGLAZING. The reason is there was a sauce to go on top of the steaks, a red cooking wine DEGLAZED and then heavy cream that went into the wine.  It was interesting.  So deglazing is my technique and I hope you enjoy! (my post! 😉 )


Pork Fried Rice

I made Pork Fried Rice for dinner last night.  It was very good!  I learned something while I was cooking, when you go to get the rice make sure it says INSTANT rice and not slow cook, because that’s exactly what I used, SLOW cook rice. So there wasn’t enough liquid to make rice that I needed so there wasn’t a lot of pork but it did taste really good.  Okay, so I have finished my first assignment:  To finish my Pampered Chef cards, and I did!!!!! I’m sooooo HAPPY!  I was excited when I realized I was done, and I am, so I should be starting my new ASSIGNMENT!!  SOON!

Crusty Parmesan Chicken Over Penne Pasta

This stuff my brother and dad were a huge fan of! I wasn’t a huge fan of it because the penne pasta was cooked with tomatoes, and tomato paste and I HATE tomatoes. I’m sorry, but I do. But the crusty parmesan chicken was HEAVENlY!  I didn’t like this dish as much as others but I make food to please my customers! Not me!

p.s. I think it looks really good though!

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

So today I went to band, but I didn’t eat lunch, so after band my mom and I had to go to the store.  So while we were there I was so hungry that all I was thinking about was food!  So right then and there I said ” Mom, I’m gonna make mashed potatoes!”   Well, I made GARLIC Mashed potatoes!  Once I finished, and I tasted them, the first word that came to my mind was YUMMY! HEAVENLY! SPECTACULAR! Okay, maybe that wasn’t ONE word but Hey!, you get the point! So, BON APETITE!
P.S. I got nine comments! Just from friends, but you guys make me happy with what you say!  Oh yeah!  Thanks for the comment daddy! I love you (all)!

Another Pampered Chef Party, and maybe another!

Well, my mom and I are sooo in love with pampered chef, so I’ll share with you how hilarious this is! My friends booked a PC (pampered chef) party at our party so I’m going yet ANOTHER PC party! And if that isn’t enough, I’m going to ANOTHER one on Saturday! I just find that funny! You, might not!

Please Pray

One of my family members had quadruple bypass surgery(open heart), she is out of the surgery room and doing well, but since I know most of my viewers are friends she REALLY needs prayer. I’ve been praying and I hope you will too!

Mandi Foresters White Chicken Chili

I made Mandi Foresters White Chicken Chili tonight. It was very good. I’m a huge fan of regular chili and I think that this stuff is better. I got this recipe when was watching Rachel Rays talk show and she was doing the top ten recipes of the year and this was one of them. She had the lady who made this recipe on her show and now I want to invent a recipe so I can be on Rach’s show! 🙂 No, I’m gonna’ have my own show! So if this recipe sounds mouth watering to you, go to and then with the search bar look up Mandie Foresters white chicken chili!