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Tonight I made the best meatloaf EVER!!!!! It was… wait I already said that!!!  It had all kinds of stuff in it. It was vegetable filled… mushrooms (don’t tell my brother!), carrots, onions, and fresh parsley ( hurray! my first recipe with FRESH parsley!). I used ground beef AND ground pork– it gave it a REALLY good flavor!!!! I mixed up sooooo many ingredients I forgot them all (mostly!)! I was actually cooking ALL day. I made valentines for some amazing friends(i love them more than anything!). I made a red velvet cake batter. Then I had these jello jiggler baking cups the shape of a heart, so I distributed the batter into the cups and baked them. Then, my mom bought some cream cheese icing and I put that into a cake decorating bag and decorated all my little cakes! Then I made stained glass sugar cookies. All I did was make a regular sugar cookie, cut it into a heart, cut another heart in that and put a jolly rancher in the middle… thanks to my friend for letting me steal her idea!