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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Meat Sauce with Baked Potatoes and Hash Browns

Tonight for dinner I made something REALLY yummy!!!! I made Meat Sauce.  I know, boring… but delicious.  It was kind of like chili but not as spicy.  It was very good.  I made it out of  one of my many Rachael Ray magazines.  I’ve loved all of her recipes.  I’m waiting untill the day where I will find out she’s been reading my blog!!!!  Oh, the dreams I have!  Oh, the places I’ll go!!!!

Tonight I had my first injury with my cooking!!!  Don’t freak out!  I was trying to cut an onion in half and the knife slipped and cut my finger.  Once the knife slipped I was like “Oops.  Missed!” and went right back to cutting my onion.  It wasn’t untill I noticed that my finger was bleeding like crazy that I had cut it!  I really didn’t know.  It was like 20 seconds untill realized it!  But I was proud of myself.  I didn’t freak out.  Once I realized I cut my finger, I just walked to the sink, not doing anything, just walking, and my brother was the one freaking out!!!!!!  Anyway, enough about me!!!!! 

With the meat sauce, you couldn’t have just a plain sauce, you must have something to go with it.  So like a good little girl, I made baked potatoes.  Not anything special, just a potato wrapped in foil, put into an oven at 350.  And I was kind of in the mood for hash browns, so I cut up some potatoes and salt and peppered them and then fried them.  It was good!!!!  So I had a good dinner tonight!!!!! VERY YUMMY!


Peruvian Baked Chicken

Boy was it good!


I made Peruvian Roast Chicken a couple of nights ago and it was REALLY good!!!!!  I made it in a Magic Pot!!! Those things are way better than a roasting pan!  You make the chicken like the recipe tells you to, and then you put the chicken or anything you make into the pot and microwave it for like 15 to 18 minutes and it comes out just as fresh as an oven cooks it!  I love magic pots!  I had a little bit of the chicken but I didn’t feel very good last night, but it was very good!!!! VERY VERY good!!!!! I love chicken, for those who don’t know that!  This chicken was very juicy and fresh and delicious and amazing, I wanted to eat all of it, but like I said, I didn’t feel good.  But my promise to all of you is that everything that I make, no matter how much I know I hate it, I have to taste it.  That’s the rule, because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t know what to say!  So to let yo know, when I make lobster, I HAVE to taste it.  Not looking forward to that day.  Well, I might like it… to tell you the truth, I’ve never had lobster before so I never know if I like it or not, I’m just assuming it (which is naughty of me!!!).  I enjoy every bite of my food though.  I love food.  You need to know that about me!!!!!

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Last night I made a delicious bread pudding.  It was out of my cookbook, and it was supposed to be Raisin Bread Pudding, but who like raisins???  So I made the custard (eggs, milk, and sugar… what more do you need?), and then put twelve slices of buttered french bread in a casserole dish and baked it and 350. Then when there was two minutes left to the baking, I out the chocolate chips in. That way they wouldn’t melt all the way!  I did a pretty good job. My mom loved it. She’s been talking about it all the time.  I never really had or made bread pudding before, so this was a first for me, and I have to say, it was a good first!  I had fun making it too.  It was very easy to prepare and all I had to do was wait for 45 minutes untill it was done baking!  It looks scrumptious.

I also made Fresh Whipped Cream.  I made REAL whipped cream. I made FANTABULOUS whipped cream. I made… okay, that’s enough.  I think you have the point!  I made home made whipped cream.  I am never buying store bought whipped cream EVER again.  This stuff is so easy and amazing, I don’t think anyone should have come up with a spray can of whipped cream, because this stuff is cheaper and way better.  All you do (and I will give you the recipe for this because it is so short!) is chill your mixing bowl and mixers in the fridge or freezer and then once it’s cold you mix together 1 cup of whipping cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 2 tablespoons od sugar untill peaks start to show. Or untill fluffy and light.   I tell have to tell you, this stuff will make you slap your mama!!!!  Last night I made my brother a bowl of ice cream.  It was coffee fudge brownie ice cream with some home-made whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and he took it downstairs and ate it while he was doing something (I don’t know what) and once he was done he came up to me and said ” That was arguably the best bowl of ice-cream I”ve ever had!!!!” I was flattered of course!!!!!  I like it when I make something good for someone.  It gives me a good, happy feeling inside!  So, if you have a can of whipped cream in your house, throw it out, buy some whipping cream and make your own for Pete’s sake!  Some people are just plain lazy.  But if you love to eat yummy, sumptuous, out of this world stuff, then take my advice… make your OWN whipped cream!!! You will be amazed!!!

Fresh Salsa with Avocado

Today I made Fresh Salsa with Avocado.  I didn’t use the avocado though because first of all, I don’t like avocado, and second of all, we couldn’t find avocado at the store last night.  But I made a good salsa.  I’m already not a big fan of salsa, so it wasn’t my favorite recipe… but it was pretty good.   I used a lot of spicy ingredients, and I like spiciness.  I used three jalapeno peppers, half of a red onion, half of a red pepper, and some garlic and of corse 3 plum tomatoes and 3 regular tomatoes, and the juice and one and a half limes.  I like all those ingredients, except tomatoes!!!  They make my gag.  I have never and probably never will be a huge fan of tomatoes but I like just a little bit a them on certain foods.  I enjoyed making it (it involved a lot of chopping and I love to chop and mince and dice and anything that involves knives!).  It was very easy and it’s very good.  I think what I would recommend to use it for is a taco or tostada or something like that.  I liked it on chips too (like what most of you out there use for salsa).  I still like boughten salsa!  This was a recipe out of Get in there and Cook.  It was an appetizer.  A good one too!

Double Chocolate Pudding

Hmmmm… Pudding! I made the best pudding ever! Or i guess the best that I’ve tasted. I have to say, my family are the ones loving this blog thing that I do, but I LOVE it.  I feel like I’m gaining weight though  (which is bad but good at the same time!).  But this Double Chocolate Pudding that I made was out of this world!  I made the pudding and then made homemade whipped cream and it was extreme awesomeness!  My whole family loved it.  I have to thank my good friend Rachael Ray for this amazing recipe.  I encourage anyone and everyone to make it.  You can probably find it if you go on Rach’s website and then look up Double Chocolate Pudding.  It  is also very easy (which is  good).  I think I’ll make this more than once. Or twice!  I loved this pudding and I have to say, this stuff was gone very fast! YUMMY!

Chicken Fajitas… again and again!

I’ve been cooking Chicken fajita lately.  You know I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging lately!  I have a huge life for a 12-year-old.  Music, softball, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, my job (i have two jobs… actually 3 if you count my blog), and anything else you can think of!!  It might not sound like much but… well, it is!  I have church too.  That’s why I’ve been making fajita.  They are quick, easy and yummy!  I think I’ve blogged this already so this is more like a your-so -bored-with-my-blog-because-there’s-nothing-new-to-read post!  I am thankfully almost done with school, softball, and violin so I can really focus on my blog this summer!  And my birthday is coming up and what you’ve all been waiting for… Death by Chocolate.  I really enjoy making my own birthday cakes and since I’m doing this, I’m going to make my party guests REALLY happy!!!  2 years ago it was just a boxed chocolate cake that was average… but this year, this year… well, I don’t know, but all I can say is… CHOCOLATE!!!!  If there is a meteorite ( and for those who have seen Julie and Julia you know I’m quoting Julie!) heading toward the earth and we have thirty days to live and going to spend it eating chocolate!  Wait, I already spend most of my time eating chocolate so it doesn’t really matter!  So yeah, I can’t wait until my birthday!  I really want to start getting back to cooking (like I’ve said for about the billionth time) but to tell you the truth, we aren’t going to be able to get to the store for big groceries for about another week (you know… the busy schedule!)  so if you can live for just a few more days without anything new, that would be great!  I know, I really miss it too!  Well, here’s something new to read!!! BON APPETIT!!!!!!