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Fudgy White Chocolate Chunk Brownies!

From Get in There and CookI also made a REALLY delicious brownie tonight! They were so good(shh…I’m on a staying healthy thing with my friend, don’t tell!). I really enjoyed making them because this was like the second thing I ever did with folding. Folding is already having some of your batter mixture in the bowl but you have something else that needs to go in so you put it in one spot and just take a rubber spatula and fold it VERY gently. It helps the flavors really pack into one another! Anyways, they were FANTASTIC! I think I told you guys this but I’m not a big white chocolate fan, but thanks to Richard Sax, the author of Get in There and Cook, I’m now a fan, because everything I’ve made so far with white chocolate (actually EVERYTHING period) has totally thrilled me! DELICIOUS!!