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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Filet Mignon

Well, well, well, I’ve deserted you.  I’m so sorry about the not having any new posts lately. It’s terrible. The way I’m so busy I mean. I even missed cooking. But I think I’m getting back to it. Anyways, so, I made like the best meat ever. The really expensive kind (that I got for cheap and Trader Joes!!), that’s super tender and juicy, and delicious.  Also very easy to make! Let me tell you how this wonderful meatiness was prepared!

I started by heating up some oil in a non-stick pan. And then as that was heating, I seasoned my meat. I used salt and pepper of course. Then I added a little bit of Jamaican Jerk rub. (Pampered Chef seasonings) And I used a little Bouquet Garni. That’s a special seasoning that is used for maybe a pork roast, or different kinds of meat. So those two tasted REALLY good together. I know, weird, but I like to experiment. If you put a little bit of the nice, elegant, normal stuff, it’s sometimes nice to add a little bit of flavor. Something tangy, or sweet. The jerk rub was tangy. But I didn’t put a lot. Then that would over power everything else. So anyway, that was all seasoned up and ready for the hot pan. I put it in and the second I did, I heard the most beautiful sizzle. It was like, like, well, like a filet mignon on a skillet!!!! Haha! But it did sound really good! Then I just cooked it from there. It might have taken about oh, lets say 30 minutes total. So it didn’t take long at all! Yay! And then when it was done, it was nice and  juicy and amazingly delicious! It was very small though, because we couldn’t afford ANYTHING else bigger. I don’t know who can afford and expensive slab of meat like that. But it was good, and we still have some left over! I was surprised! But it was the greatest! I have never made anything like that before. That’s actually, you know, meat. I have made a pasta that is completely out of this world, but you get the point! Anyway, hope you enjoy the post, and I really am sorry I haven’t gotten to write anything for a while. I will get started again, and then hopefully finish up this cookbook!!!!


My Dad’s Birthday Dinner

Two weeks ago was my dad’s birthday. October 6th exactly! When he was celebrating his birthday, he was out of town on a business trip, but he did get to go out with his sister, mother, and brother-in-law.  My family usually always makes him a birthday dinner.   So we did so!  The menu you may ask!!! Here you go!

I started by making some LAMB.  Yes… lamb!  I’ve never tasted lamb, made lamb, or even touched a lamb (raw or alive!). I started by seasoning it with rosemary leaves, salt, and pepper.  Then I got my panini press back out to be doing some searing again! I used it a few months ago, for something else. Oops… I can’t remember what I used it for! Oh well! Anyway, so I did that, and then cooked it in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  Then I took that out, and put the chops (they WERE lamb CHOPS) on a plate, and covered them with foil. Then I made a sauce to go with it. I deglazed the pan with some white wine and water. Then just let it evaporate a little, then skimmed off the fat, and it was good to go! My lamb was finished. But I have more!

For the sides, everything I made, you have probably already heard about.  I will name them in case you haven’t! I made Honey Lemon Glazed Carrots (previous), Rice Pilaf (previous), Cous Cous (new), and of course, some good bread!!! Now the Cous Cous was really easy to make. I’m not going to say good, because it wasn’t, and it wasn’t a recipe in my cookbook either. But what I did was boil 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of butter, and half a teaspoon of salt. Then when that boiled, I added one cup of Cous Cous, and let it sit for five minutes! Then I FLUFFED (don’t you love that word!!?? FLUFF!!!) it with a fork… and that was it!!!! Then I think you’ve heard about everything else! So happy birthday to my daddy, and even though he didn’t get to see us on his REAL birthday, he still got a nice, home cooked meal from his favorite Junior Chef! That’s me!!

Pasta with Four Cheeses

A few days ago, I made a yummy pasta dish. It was different, but kind of good! What I did, was started by cutting up three different cheeses: Swedish Fontina, Mozzarella, and then I grated Parmesan cheese. So I didn’t exactly cut three. But I kind of did. Oh whatever! Anyway, so while I was doing that I was boiling some water so I could cook my pasta. I salted the water really well, and then when it was boiling, I was ready to cook my pasta. So I put that stuff in the hot tub, and let it sit there for a while. So when I was doing that,I started heating up my spaghetti sauce. Now for this recipe, I was supposed to make this with marinated tomatoes, but I have a hard time dealing with fresh tomatoes.  I don’t like them, so luckily, my mom went to the rescue, and just bought me some sauce.  I touched it up with some secret ingredients, that not even my family I cooked it for knew that I put some different stuff in there. They will find out eventually! So that was heating up, my cheese was cut up… there really wasn’t much I had to do for this! But when everything died down, I got to the fun part-adding all the cheeses into the pasta! There is another cheese that I have forgotten to tell you about: Ricotta. I mixed that with some nutmeg, and salt and pepper, and it tasted superb! I also added the fontina, and mozzarella into that. Then that whole mixture went into the pasta. So simple! I was surprised with how it turned out! It was pretty rich in taste, and I couldn’t even swallow a whole plate of that stuff! But it was killer! So yummy! And it was fun to make. I got to learn a little bit about different kinds of cheeses, and lots of super cool stuff!

Polenta with Marscapone

Tonight, my mom was dying for me to make polenta! So you know what I did! I made it! It was very interesting.  I haven’t made anything like this before.  Well first, I heated up 5 cups of milk. Then when that was nice and hot I added one cup of polenta.  Then here’s the deal. I had to keep it on the stove for an hour. And I had to stir it every ten minutes of that hour! Then on and on, and was like “this isn’t very thick” and it’ s still not that thick, but it turned out pretty good. So oh yeah, after the hour passed, I added 5 tablespoons of marscapone cheese to the polenta. Then that was pretty much it! So easy. But you see, I didn’t have much meat to cook, so all I did was the polenta. And polenta isn’t good without something to go with it, so yeah. But maybe I’ll make something to go with it tomorrow.

So some of you might be asking me what polenta is. Let me tell you! It’s basically a cornmeal. Just a different kind! Hope you enjoy the short, easy post!!!