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Monthly Archives: September 2010

The State Fair of Virginia!

I had THE BEST time at the State fair on Monday! Yep! I got to go! And it was so amazing! Some of you who live around here might have noticed that on that specific day (and the rest of the week) was rainy! REALLY rainy! But I still had fun! One of my bestest friends come with me, and we had so much fun! Now I know that some of you might be asking me “And WHY are you telling this us Dana?” Well let me tell you. You know how some people go to the fair for the AMAZING (and very expensive) food? (Ehem… my mom!) Well, me and my mom (who goes to fairs for the food! Just kidding… she goes for more then just that… or does she?) were looking through one of my Food Network magazines, and there was an article about the fair, and it was about a bar-b-q parfait! Okay guys, wait until you hear this! A bar-b-q parfait is.. here, lets go my layers… bottom: bar-b-q then bar-b-q sauce, then mashed potatoes, then that goes on and on until that fills the cup! Yeah, you heard me… a cup! well, duh you would know, because a parfait is in a cup!
Anyway, that was so yummy! I wanted another one! But like I said, if you’ve been to the fair, you don’t want to spend too much money on food! Anyway, I just thought I could share with you the reason we went to the fair! We just HAD to get our hand on a bar-b-q parfait! You get what I’m sayin’ here! Anyway, enjoy the post, and I’ll try to get cooking soon! Sorry about the delay, it’s just my days fly by so fast and then at night, my mom already had plans for dinner. But I have fish in the freezer, so maybe I’ll do that soon!!!!


Salisbury Steaks with some Sides!!

A few nights ago, I made sides for a meal! Yeah, you heard me… just sides! My mom did the Salisbury Steak, and I just did the stuff to go with it! It was so fun! Okay, so here’s the scoop!  What I did was first I started on some Red Hash brown potatoes. (I’m feeling the sudden craving for hash browns! Okay people, lets get through this, and get through it fast, because Miss Dana here doesn’t have any potatoes!!!) Anyway, so what I started with was boiling the potatoes (skin and all) in some water, with a generous amount of salt… not a lot, but enough to start flavoring the potatoes). Those cooked for about 15 minutes or so, and then I drained the potatoes, then started cutting them up. Now these babies were hot, so I had to be VERY careful! I got all those cut up into nice, bite size pieces, and then came the good part. THE FRYING! First, of course, I heated the oil in a big pan, and then added potatoes, garlic chopped up, and some more salt. And pretty much from there was just the part where you fry the stuff, then it’s ready, once it’s nice and crispy, and has a nice brown color all around the potato. THAT simple! And they were totally delicious!

I also made some good boiled green beans! And they were super easy… here you go! I bet I can do this in one paragraph!

First I took some green beans, and snapped the ends off. While I was doing that I boiled some water with TONS of salt in it. Then when the water was boiling and my beans were snapped,  in they went into the hot tub!!! And then all it took was some hot stuff, and then beans were ready! I got them soft and actually chewable, and they were delicious! And to make them better, I squeezed some lemon juice on in with some pepper and salt! And they were super good! See! One paragraph!!! Aren’t I super cool???!!! Anyway, that’s all for now! Enjoy!!!!

Women Working for Women Networking Meeting

You know how I keep saying that I need more blog viewers??? Well, I might not have said anything, but I do need more blog viewers! Just because my blog is mostly read by all my friends, and people that I know. Anyway, what happened was my mom started going to these meetings that she uses to tell people all about her job, and the kinds of things she does… and so this time, it was “Bring Your Daughter to Networking Night”. So guess what!!!??? My mom brought me! And what ended up happening was me having a display table, and I had some blog pictures, and some from my photo shoot, and some blog posts that I printed out! That looked pretty cool! And  then there was my chef hat that I put on the table, and a big spoon, and a whisk, and my french rolling pin! I met a ton of people, and they all seemed really interested in my blog, and I had a lot of people tell me that they are going to keep up with me, and just stay a faithful reader!! YAY!!!!! Anyhoo! Just wanted to update you on the cook stuff going on! I also made those “Black and White Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies” (yeah, long name) to give out, and they were a BIG hit! I was happy about that! I’ll write more tomorrow, but right now, I’m pretty tired! Going off to bed!!!!

Basic Potato Salad

For the lunch thing I told you about at my friends house, I also made potato salad. Actually, my mom helped me a lot with it, just because it was late and I needed some help… so mommy came to the rescue!!! Haha! So what I did was pretty basic, and simple. Just like it was made to be! So anyway, here’s the scoop on how potato salad is made Dana style! What I did first was boil some potatoes. (actually, a LOT of potatoes!)  Then while I was keeping an eye on that, my mom pulled together the sauce/dressing thingy that give everything the flavor! That mainly had mayonnaise, mustard, and onions. And maybe a few other things, but I don’t know all of it, because, well you know… mommy!

Anyway, I did the potatoes, and then, I put them in the fridge, and the sauce, and then I finished it in the morning! So in the morning, I just mixed the sauce into the potatoes, and that was it! So easy and simple!!! AMAZING!

Lots more posts coming up tonight! Enjoy!!!

PS… sorry, I don’t have a picture for this. Since we were in a rush getting it ready to take to our lunch, I forgot to take a picture! But it’s not all about the pictures is it???!!!!

Summer’s Best Corn Chowder

There’s a military family that used to come to our church, but were stationed to North Dakota and it was really sad when they had to leave. I ‘m good friends with the little girl, and kind of friends with the son! They are a really sweet family, and my mom and I (actually my whole family) missed them a bunch! BUT! Tomorrow they are coming back! YES! They’re gonna be here tomorrow. After  being away for almost 3 years! We are all going over to another friend’s house tomorrow after our morning church service!!! I’m totally excited about it! We were asked to make some food to take, and I decided to make Corn Chowder!!! YAY!  I’m about to explain HOW I made it!!!

What I did was start with some bacon, and I fried that up, and discarded my bacon fat and oil. Then I added some more FRESH oil, and cooked some onions, carrots and celery until it was all soft and delicious! Then lets see… I need to get my mind together and remember what I did next! Oh, while my veggies were cooking, I took the corn kernels off of the cob, and then set that aside for later. Then I added into the veggies chicken stock, water, and the reserved corn cobs. I learned that when you save the cob that the corn came off of, and then put it in your corn stew, soup or chowder, that it gives it the real, authentic corn flavor! And it totally did! So that’s what went on for about 15 minutes! The soup started getting hot, and awesome!  Then after that was done, I took the corn cobs out of the soup then added corn and potatoes. That cooked a little longer, so the taters could get nice and tender. When that was all done, I pureed 3 and a half cups of the soup and added that back with 2 and half cups of milk, and then just let that sit on low heat for a while. And then it was pretty much done! I might have not told you everything I did, and if I didn’t, then it was just little things, so I’m sorry about that. I was pretty tired when I made it, so I couldn’t remember it much, but I told you most!  I started some Potato Salad that’s in “Get in There and Cook” so I’ll be blogging about that later! Thanks for reading and enjoy the post!!!!!

Junior Chef!!!

Creamy Mashed Potatoes without the Cream

Today, I made some interesting taters! They were milkless mashed potatoes. They were really yummy! I liked the unique flavor they had.  Something about them were like… special… in it’s own way.  They were pretty easy when it comes down to the preparation.  You know, just like any other way you make mashed potatoes.  You boil the potatoes until they’re nice and tender, and then you mash them… except I didn’t MASH mine; I pureed them! You know, in a blender! It was super easy. I pureed them until they were really creamy and runny. I was kinda disappointed in the runniness, so I broke the rule… I put a little dash of milk in them!!! Ahh!! I’m so bad!! Haha! Anyway, that’s pretty much what went on the kitchen. I also made Jamaican Chicken. I had a special seasoning from Pampered Chef called Jamaican JERK rub!!! Haha! I thought that was funny! And just had these little chicken tenders, and then I seasoned them with the rub! They were delicious! AND I also made Double Chocolate Pudding! That was good too! I think I blogged about that before! Anyway, That’s what’s cooking!!!

Turkey Tenderloin

My friends dad, Mr. P is  super cool, and he’s been helping me a lot with my cooking. He works in the food industry handling food service contracts for the military.  Not only that but he is an amazing cook!  I went to their house a few weeks ago, and before I left he gave this amazing meat, that I didn’t even ask for, he was just like “here, I just got this in today, but I thought maybe you would enjoy making it” And I said “Totally, that’s sooo cool!” And I was just looking at it, dying to know what it was. And then I found out! It was turkey tenderloins wrapped in BACON! WRAPPED IN BBBAAAACCCOOONNN!!!! Okay, bacon is my absolute favorite, and I love it… as you can see above! !! But yeah, back to the subject. He was telling me how to prepare it (we’ll get to that in a second) and then I asked him how I was supposed to season it, and guess what he said? “Figure it out yourself!” Well, umm… thanks Mr. P, a big help… and I was thinking in my head “Look what you’ve done! I’m surely gonna mess up on this!” But it was nice of him, and I thought I could come up with some good seasonings to put on it. I was thinking about those tenderloins everyday, wondering what to do….. oh what to do?????? But then I decided to forget about it for a while. I thought maybe if I just wait until I cook them and get all my spices out, then I’ll get some ideas into my little brain! And I did! But before I say more, let me tell you how I was to prepare these little bundle of goodness. Mr P told me that first, I need to saute the tenderloins for ten minutes, just to get the sides nice and browned up, so they have a little crunch to it. And then I had to cook them in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Now when these bad boys were done… I was amazed! They were soooo good! Oh, you want to know how I seasoned them? Emeril Lagasse’s Turkey rub! I mean, you can’t go wrong with that can you? I also threw a little Southwestern seasoning on too. I don’t know why, but I thought it would give it some spice! So that’s all for now, and I hope you enjoy the post!!!