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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a good day! I’ve had a great one and it’s not even over yet! Hope everyone focuses on the real reason of Christmas, and not just the presents and lights. Jesus was born on this day. And that’s what makes me so happy! He’s done so much for us, that we don’t ever deserve all the things we get on Christmas, but He wants us to have these things. He wants us to be happy, but sometimes we take something from Him, like a gift, but we never give it back. Lets all try to serve Him today! But also, have a good day, and don’t let anything get in your way of serving God! Merry Christmas!


Tonight’s Meal: Fried Pork Chops and Barbeque Rice

Tonight I made dinner. Yeah, regarding the fact that I haven’t made anything for a while… I felt like making dinner. Which I should always feel like making dinner, but anyways. I made fried pork chops, and bar-b-q rice. Now, you may be asking me… “Bar-b-Q Rice, Dana? Seriously” Uh, yeah, I’m dead serious! And it was DELICIOUS! What I did was cook plain white rice, then when it was done, I added this Wicked Slow Cooker Sauce, from a company called Wildtree. The slow cooker sauce tastes just like bar-b-q sauce, and it’s all natural, so that’s what I used. Then I added Smoky Bar-B-Q seasoning from Pampered Chef and  mixed it all together, and it was the BOMB!!! It was the best rice I’ve had, since I had this really good Mexican rice at my friend’s house! Then the mean part, was Fried Pork! Mmmm, that was really good. What I did was beat some eggs, then I mixed some flour, salt, pepper, and some of that Smoky Bar-b-q seasoning in, and then I took my pork chops, dipped them in the egg, then the flour, and then fried them in a big pan with lots of  oil. They were really good! And I mean, like, RRREALLYYY good!! 🙂 I loved plating my meal too. Tonight was the first night that I really actually plated my meal. What I did was I took some of the slow cooker sauce (I used the same ingredients a lot in this mean… love doing that!) and drew a line in the plate with it, then put the pork next to it. Then some shredded carrots, peas, and the rice on it. You know what, you can just look at the picture! I’ll have one on here. It was a really good meal!

I just realized tonight, that I’m almost done cooking through my cookbook (Get There and Cook)! It’s been a great experience for me! Once I’m done with it, I’m definitely taking a break from cooking through a cookbook. I will keep cooking, just not another cookbook for a while! But I’ll keep writing, cooking, and doing what I love to do!:)