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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Memorial Day

I LOVE Memorial. First, because I get to cook tons of food. Also, because we have a super fun picnic with the Hispanic Church at my church. They are so much fun. We always go to Bethel Park, have a cookout, ride some boats and hang out with friends! I had so much fun yesterday! I made the Mashed Baked Potatoes I wrote about a while ago. They were gone in like 5 minutes!!! Hee hee! 🙂  No, it might have been longer than that, but I think everyone liked them. I hope they did! I had a great weekend. Well, Saturday not so much, but Sunday and yesterday was really fun. Sunday we had the ending night for our youth group. We always take a break in the summer,which is sad, and I don’t really know why we do it, but like I said, it’s sad. But anyways. On Sunday, we had a youth night at church, and a ton of people in the youth group either gave special music, or offertory, and then a couple guys gave bible lessons. It was amazing what everyone came up with. All the guys were great preachers!! 🙂 So, me and my friend did a special music. It went really well, and I got a lot of compliments! We sang “How Deep the Fathers Love for Us”. I love that song anyways, and I had fun singing it! Then we had a snack at a friends house, and that was fun. So yeah, I had a good weekend. And oh, on top of all of that, some of my friends came down to visit. That was cool too! 🙂 Anyways! Happy Memorial day! Hope all of you had tons of fun!


Catering Blessings!

My friends dad is a caterer for local parties,  weddings, and receptions. I’ve been friends with them since like 2nd grade, but I never knew that he was a caterer. So, about a month ago, he asked me if I would help him with a wedding. I of course was ALL up for it. (Not mentioning the very good pay I get!!!) So, I hung out with them at a church near my house, cooked some food, and had a GREAT time catering. It really is a blessing that I got that, umm, lets say job. Then last Saturday, I was asked to help him again. It was for a Home school Graduation Reception. I had a really fun time. We cooked, baked chicken (which is as much as I can say, because it’s a secret recipe!), steamed vegetables, and little baked potatoes. Then we had some appetizers.  Cheese, crackers, tortellini salad (super yummy!), and other tasty stuff. It’s been really fun helping him, and it’s been a really big blessing, because like I said, I get paid really well! 🙂 But yeah, it’s been cool! And a ton of fun!!!

Summer’s on it’s Way!!!!

School’s getting out, pools being cleaned, swim suits being bought! That means, oh yeah, summer is coming!!!! 🙂 I have sooo much planned for this summer!!! It’s crazy! Well, first of all, I’m going to The Wilds, which is a christian camp where you go for a week, and you get blessed with good food, great preaching, and awesome activities! They have a Family camp, Junior camp, and Teen camp. I’m going for Teen camp. I’m going with my Youth Group at church with a TON of my friends! Then I’ll be going to Nags Head with a really nice family. I’m best friends with their daughter, and they invited me to go on a trip with them! So that was pretty special too!!!! I might also be going to Kentucky with my family to go to the Creation Museum. It’s an amazing museum about the Creation in the Bible perspective. Not like Evolutionary. It’ll be one hundred percent GOD!!!! I’m excited about that too! I will also be hitting VA beach, Busch Gardens, my friend’s house, and the mall. So, yeah, I’ve got a lot planned for my summer! What about you? Are you going to be as busy as I am? I sure am excited though! My summer’s gonna be great!!! 🙂

Junior Chef Part 2: The busy Life of a Junior Chef (Because it’s not all about the cookin’!)

Hello People,

Haven’t talked to you in a while! I apologize for the slight delay in my blogging/cooking. I’ve been really busy. That’s why I’ve decided to make a part two to my blog. The Busy Life of a Junior Chef! What I’ll basically be doing is blogging about my life. Not exactly cooking, but there will be some stuff about cooking, my upcoming summer, and tons a of other stuff! 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy the new version of my blog. I hope I like it too! 🙂 Anyways, thanks for still reading, even though I’ve been a sinner, and not posted anything. But be prepared, because THE CHEF IS BACK!!!!