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Skillet “Steaks” au poivre

Isn’t my french good?! Okay, this is sooo cool! I did my VERY FIRST recipe out of my cookbook “Get in there and cook”! ANd it was Skillet “Steaks” au  poivre!  And it was delicious!  Does anyone know what AU POIVRE means? I’ve tried to figure that out but I can’t.  Anyway, the reason I put a parenthesis in steaks is because it’s actually ground beef with salt and pepper on them, so the real thing is skillet ground beef au piovre. And, in my cookbook, every recipe has a technique so this recipes technique is DEGLAZING. The reason is there was a sauce to go on top of the steaks, a red cooking wine DEGLAZED and then heavy cream that went into the wine.  It was interesting.  So deglazing is my technique and I hope you enjoy! (my post! 😉 )