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Happy Birthday My Dearest Julia!

Today was my dearest Julia Child’s birthday! She was my very favorite chef and she was a happy person! I love her so much even though she has gone away! She was one of the most known chefs at her time, and she was a good one too! Her recipes make me smile every time I take my first bite into one! Mainly her Boeuf Bourguignon She was a favorite person of everyone, and I want to wish her a happy birthday! To my sweet, sweet Julia! You are forever my friend! She was born in 1912. She would have been 98 today!
Happy Birthday!!!


Boeuf Bourguignon

I made my Boeuf Bourguignon today!!!   Wow, woke up at 10:30(because it’s a saturday!), took a shower right away, and then got cooking! It took me five hours! From start to finish, cooking in the oven and all. The best part is that it was delicious! I mean “YUMMY!” I have pictures so be sure to look at them!