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Orecchiette with Ham and Peas

Tonight I made the most wonderful pasta dish I have EVER tasted! It is called, well if your reading this you already know the title!!!!! HAHA! Anyway, this recipe really tricked me. I thought that I would have to make a white sauce, but once I read the recipe, I understood everything. The first thing I did was start cooking the pasta like you usually do, then while I was doing that, I sauted  the peas. The peas came right out of the freezer and into the sautéing pan. I use 1 and a half TBSP of garlic oil and one garlic clove for the peas. So while they were doing their thing, I cut up the ham into itty  bitty cubes and when they were ready, I added the ham into the peas and sauted them. Then when my pasta was at al dente (I’m so proud saying that, I feel like a pro.!) I took about one cup of the pasta water out of the pot then strained it with my NEW colander. Then put it back in the pot, added parmesan cheese, pepper, the ham and peas, and the one cup of water! It was the best stuff I EVER had…oh yeah, I already said that!  My technique was sautéing.  BON APPETIT!


Pan Sauted Chicken Breasts

I just finished my second recipe in my new assignment (soon it won’t be new!)! Pan Sauted Chicken Breasts. They were very good. What I did was I put salt, pepper, and paprika on the chicken breasts, sautéed them in the pan, put it in the oven and let them cook. That’s all I did with the chicken. Next, I made the sauce. This one tought me a lesson. Well what I did before that was took out the chicken from the oven, then with the oil and fat from the chicken I cooked mushrooms(YUCK)! Then, once the mushrooms were a light golden(have any of you noticed that you have to get EVERYTHING golden?), I pored half a cup a cooking wine in there, and deglazed that (last nights technique), then, here’s my lesson: I put the parsley in and I guess that 3 tablespoons of parsley was a little too much even though that’s what the recipe says. Anyway, I won’t use as much parsley as last time. So todays technique was cleaning and preparing mushrooms(YUCK!!!) All I have to say is that the chicken was FANTASTIC!
Yep! I’m only twelve!!!! BON APPETITE!