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This recipe is one that I got off of another blog that I like to read. It’s called “Pinch of Yum” and it’s really cool! I saw

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the title of the post, and I just had to check it out! These are super yummy.  What I did was start by baking a very thin layer of brownies, and then after those were done, I sprinkled peanuts and crushed Reeses cups, and then got that all melty, then I got to the good part! The good part was one package of milk chocolate morsels, then PEANUT BUTTER!!, and one tablespoon of butta! Then I melted all that gooey goodness together, and then when it WAS melted, I put rice krispie treats, and then mixed it up. Then THAT went on top of the brownies.  I refrigerated it for 2 hours, to harden all the gooeyness! Anyway! That was a super delicious recipe I used! Courtesy of “Pinch of Yum… Because life should be yummy!” If you enjoy my blog, you will definitely like this one! Enjoy the post! More coming tonight!


The Family Meal

Today, my wonderful father arrived home from his 5 day business trip, and he walked in right when me and my mom were preparing dinner. My brother, who was faithfully working on our lawn, walked inside, since of course, my dad arrived. We were all standing around talking, and having a good time, and then we had to get back to dinner, or at least I did. My mom went off down stairs with my dad, so the meal was in my hands!! We were all happy that my dad was home, and I was happy my amazing brother was back from work. He works every day except Wednesdays, so I don’t get to see him as much anymore. But when we were all together, I felt like a family. When my dad isn’t here, that’s a big piece of our family that isn’t here, so I really like it when he comes home, just as dinner is being prepared! I can’t say that I’ve never made a meal without being angry, because I have, many times, but at times like these, I really enjoy cooking. When I know that my dad is on his way to our cozy house, and ready for me to hit him with one of my new creations, that’s when I enjoy it!

Okay, I’ve said enough about family, even though there’s more to say, but I might get back to that later! Okay, so my meal was absolutely delicious, and thanks to my mom, we had meatloaf. I’m not an expert at the kind of meatloaf we wanted tonight… my mom is sort of the chef for certain recipes, like the old family ones. I’m the one who does the experimenting! Anyways, so I told her I wanted her meatloaf, and she made it!  I did the sides.  I made cornbread, and boiled golden potatoes both out of “Get in There and Cook”, and the were really good! What I did for the cornbread was get some cornmeal, and mix that in with some flour and sugar, and some baking powder and baking soda, and then a little salt. Then I added buttermilk, and eggs, and then mixed that together, then cooked that in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes! And it was really good, but I honestly have to say, I’m really not a big cornbread person. I find it… bland. I can’t find a taste. I just taste a dullness, but it was okay. And the potatoes were really simple! All I did was boil them with some salt, and I was good to go! They turned out just like baked potatoes, but they tasted a little different. I think that was because I used golden potatoes! But, I was happy with my meal, and it was super tasty! Except for the cornbread, at least to me. My family loved it!

Okay, so I’m going to be running a little voting session. This will go on for a while, but I just can’t seem to make up my mind. Okay, so here it goes. Vote Yes, if I should make lobster for my very last meal. Vote No, if you think I can’t handle it. I get really freaked out at certain things, but maybe I can deal with the lobster. I want to, but they just gross me out. I’ve been going to their little tanks they have at the grocery store, and they are okay, but that’s because there is glass in between us, but I’ve been thinking about it, but I need advice, and votes. So please HELP me! It’s in my cookbook, so maybe I should go for it. I mean, I can’t do the WHOLE cookbook without making lobster, so I think I should. Anyway! I must leave you now, for I am about to fall asleep on the keyboard!!!!!!
Happy Eating!!!

Pork Chops with Mustard Onion Gravy… My Successful time!

Do you remember when I tried making those pork chops with mustard onion gravy, but didn’t work out? You know how I burnt the gravy? Well, I tried it again tonight… and I did it! I made it, and it was so good! I was so happy. I think I had figured out why I messed up the last time, and I think that it was because when I was braising my pork chops, I had the heat too high, and everything was cooking too much too fast, and I didn’t check on it so the gravy had evaporated, and there was nothing left besides black junk all over the bottom of my pan!! Anyway! I had a whole lot of fun making this! I got to make caramelized onions which are my absolute favorite, and I got to use thyme in them too, so that was a treat for me! I love thyme! And then I browned up the pork chops, and then put vegetable stock in with the onions and then it was time for braising! I had that going for about 25 minutes and the pork came out of the pan, and I made the gravy (which fortunately didn’t burn!!!”). And that was interesting because I’ve never made gravy by scratch before. So this was a first! And oh yeah, I took put to onions too! And then I evaporated it big time, and then added mustard and red wine vinegar, and I let it sit for a minute, and then my delicious, unburnt gravy and pork chops were so good! The gravy was elegant and very different because it had the slight bit a sourness, and that was really nice! And that was the ending of the perfect meal!!!!
PS… thanks for going on my trip with me! It was really fun, and I had a great time in Atlanta, and thanks for sticking with me last week! You are some really good readers! And faithful to my blog!!!!

Quadruple D, Day 7

This is yet ANOTHER day of fun-filled food and adorable little kids! We will get to the kids in a moment! Today wasn’t another restaurant that I went to, this was a real home cooked meal made  obviously, by the best chef in town… ME! Today, was an extremely interesting day, and it still is… in a way!  I slept in really late while my parents and friends went out to town super early in the morning, and then I watched TV until 3:30 in the afternoon, and then we got started on dinner at about 5.

 Now, what I made for dinner was one of my best recipes! I made Ham Tortellini! That amazing, rich, creamy pasta dish! And I have to say that is my favorite recipe ever! The best. We had ( and this is where the little  come into the story!!) my friend’s son came over with his wife and two little girls over for dinner, and I have to say that they are the cutest little family I have ever met! The mom is so sweet, and I really like the dad because he thought that I was 15!!! Yep!! I really like him!!!!!! I had so much fun tonight! And so while the girls were here, I have today that they are the most energetic kids I have ever seen! They wore ALL of us out… especially me, because I love to play with little kids, that I couldn’t resist their adorable little faces! I just had to get in on some of that!!! They were such dolls, but they totally take all your energy away!!! And the parents were great! They loved my meal, and they kept thanking me for it, and saying that it was great, and I really like people who enjoy my meals!!!

I’ve had such the best trip, and I really don’t want to go home, but I think it if I stay any longer away from my own bed, I might cry!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed “taking my trip with me” and really understanding how fun this has been for me! And we have one more thing to do! I think! I think we are going to a restaurant tomorrow, too! I can’t wait!  But I really do hate driving in a car that long… boredom!!!!!!! Anyway, thanks for reading!!!!

Happy Eating!!! 🙂

Well! Finally! A teenager!

Yesterday was FINALLY the first day of my teen years! I turned 13 yesterday and I felt great and happy! I had a great party with my friends, had a sleepover and had a blast! I have some sad news though. I had my party outside for a concert under the stars, and there was no way what-so-ever I could make and take Death by Chocolate, so I’m sorry to say, I did not make Death be Chocolate. I know, I’m a bad girl!!! But even though we didn’t have my dream cake, we did have some ADORABLE cupcakes! Well, you see, my color is TOTALLY, EXTREMELY, UNBELIEVABLY… purple! So I got some white icing and then use blue and red food coloring to make it purple and I made really cute cupcakes! And my mom picked up some dark purple m&ms and I put those on top! They were so good and cute and it was great! And another thing that made my day even more special was that at the concert you know there’s like almost 200 people… so I had to go up to the front and the whole crowd sang happy birthday to me! It was so embarrassing, but special! Anyway, I had an amazing birthday! I love all my friends and family because they make me feel so special and love me more then anything! So thank you to all my friends for being, like, the best people that I could EVER know! I love you ALL!!!!!! 🙂

p.s.! I forget to tell you that right after the whole crowd sang happy birthday to me, I got to go up on the stage and conduct the band for a few minutes! Maybe like two! So that was special too!

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake!

Oh yeah! I think that title speaks for it self!!! Oh my goodness. Okay, who has had lava cake before? Well I never did and I was so amazed at how it tasted. It was like, the richest piece of chocolate I have ever had. I am so serious.  Yep, this is my favorite dessert recipe yet. Okay, I have one confession. And I know, this is the best part of a LAVA cake, but I over cooked them the tiniest bit and it’s not oozey, so that really cramped my style, yo!!!! But still, they were really good, anyways.  And another thing that I absolutely loved about these was that they were so easy!!! I melted some bitter-sweet chocolate and some semi-sweet and butter and then added sugar and flour and eggs… just the normal.  Kinda like a brownie, but not exactly. And then when they were in the oven, the smell started to come out, and it smelled like heaven! Oh my, I don’t have anything else to say… just, this recipe is definitely a keeper! Enjoy!

ps… this is another Paula Deen recipe. One more to go!

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

Last night I made a delicious bread pudding.  It was out of my cookbook, and it was supposed to be Raisin Bread Pudding, but who like raisins???  So I made the custard (eggs, milk, and sugar… what more do you need?), and then put twelve slices of buttered french bread in a casserole dish and baked it and 350. Then when there was two minutes left to the baking, I out the chocolate chips in. That way they wouldn’t melt all the way!  I did a pretty good job. My mom loved it. She’s been talking about it all the time.  I never really had or made bread pudding before, so this was a first for me, and I have to say, it was a good first!  I had fun making it too.  It was very easy to prepare and all I had to do was wait for 45 minutes untill it was done baking!  It looks scrumptious.

I also made Fresh Whipped Cream.  I made REAL whipped cream. I made FANTABULOUS whipped cream. I made… okay, that’s enough.  I think you have the point!  I made home made whipped cream.  I am never buying store bought whipped cream EVER again.  This stuff is so easy and amazing, I don’t think anyone should have come up with a spray can of whipped cream, because this stuff is cheaper and way better.  All you do (and I will give you the recipe for this because it is so short!) is chill your mixing bowl and mixers in the fridge or freezer and then once it’s cold you mix together 1 cup of whipping cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 2 tablespoons od sugar untill peaks start to show. Or untill fluffy and light.   I tell have to tell you, this stuff will make you slap your mama!!!!  Last night I made my brother a bowl of ice cream.  It was coffee fudge brownie ice cream with some home-made whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and he took it downstairs and ate it while he was doing something (I don’t know what) and once he was done he came up to me and said ” That was arguably the best bowl of ice-cream I”ve ever had!!!!” I was flattered of course!!!!!  I like it when I make something good for someone.  It gives me a good, happy feeling inside!  So, if you have a can of whipped cream in your house, throw it out, buy some whipping cream and make your own for Pete’s sake!  Some people are just plain lazy.  But if you love to eat yummy, sumptuous, out of this world stuff, then take my advice… make your OWN whipped cream!!! You will be amazed!!!