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Drama Week part 2!

Hello again! Now, I wanted to share with you about what happened through out the week. Things more… spiritual you could say! Hehe!

So, on Friday morning, the big day. The day where we put on the show we’ve been memorizing lines for and working so hard on for months. The day when everything should be going great. Well, when I walk into school, every one is just so tired, and no body feels good. Then I come to learn that our two main characters are sick! Like seriously. Of any day, it’s gotta be on Friday! All of us are walking around scared out of our minds that the play wouldn’t go that well. We all got really worried, and had no idea what to do. One of the academy people comes into the make up room as I’m doing my friends hair, and says that our main character is going home for the day… yeah, we all were pretty much freaked out by then! But then she moves on to say this: “Just pray for today. That’s all you need to do. No matter what you’re doing, just pray” So obviously, since we had nothing else better to do with our lives at that point… we prayed… and prayed, and prayed and prayed! As hard as we could. I had to leave the make up room and go do a scene, and once I was done, I sat down with a couple of friends as they were readin their Bibles and praying. I got my Bible and joined. We were reading chapters out of Pslams. You know, if you ever need encouraging words, just find a random chapter in Pslams, and you will be encouraged. We read probably like 10 of them, and all of them were saying that God is in control, and that if we trust Him, He will gives us rest. How simple is that? To just trust God. So right then, sitting right there, I decided along with several other friends, that I wouldn’t worry about anything that day. That I would let God, and God alone take care of it. Once we were done with that, we went straight to chapel. Where the head director continued to say that we just need to trust God. And right after that chapel time… things started going great!(: And I mean GREAT! Our other main character came back to the play to rehearse more, then the one who had to go home, came back too! We got all the technical stuff figured out, and almost magically, everyone started getting more strength and not feeling sick anymore! Can I get an Amen!?! I’m serious, I had no idea God was so powerful, and loving that if we just decided to trust Him, He’d actually fix everything! The play went fantastic… althought some of our cast was still sick during it, they were still strong, and did everythingn they needed too! The end of the night was great. Being with friends. Enjoying the last few hours together before I had to go back to normal homeschool life. I love my friends. I love the drama team. I love my school… but most importantly, I love my God. Who has a plan for everyone. Who loves everyone. The God who does exactly what you need, if you just trust Him.(: I am so thankful I had to opportunity to go to Drama week this week! I’m so thankful that God gave me my church and school! Because with out my church and school, I’d probably die! Thanks for reading my post! And I hope maybe you’ll realize you need to trust God too!(:


Drama Week part 1!

I’m back! And I am determined to STAY back! I got on my blog today as a school assignment/project. So that maybe if I blog today, I will want to everyday!(: We’ll see how this goes!

So anyways. Last week, my school had Drama week. We had The Academy of The Arts team come to our school for one week, to help us put on a play for the school. It was called April Morning.  It was really cool for me, because I got to go to school every day, for the whole school day! Which is special for a person who homeschools!(;  April Morning is a play that’s set during the time period of the Civil War. Some of the girls had southern belle dresses, and all the boys had some cool war out fits and such. But as for me… I played a nurse, so I got to wear a crenoline (defonition-really big skirt thingys that go under your skirt to make them look poofy… which no one should have been allowed to wear.. geez those things were hot!), a blue skirt, and white button up top. And here’s the fun part!… I got an apron with blood ALL over it! Yeah… it was pretty sweet! [I probably won’t mention the crazy head piece thing I had to wear too!] In one of the scenes (my main scene actually) was right after the Battle Scene. It was the Hospital Scene where all the soldiers went once they were hurt and stuff, and I got to put blood all over all the soldiers. That was pretty cool too! We made it out of chocolate syrup, corn syrup and red food dye! It was awesome.  So, now you know what the whole nurse thing is about… I also played a towns woman. I didn’t have any lines, but I did have a costume change. Which pretty much what I did was switch the blue skirt with a yellow flower skirt, and the apron for a shawl! It was really pretty actually!

So… that’s out of the way now. Lets move on to the make up! Now, since I didn’t have any lines, and didn’t need to rehearse so much this week, I got to play in the make up room a lot! It was so cool! All the stage make up and stuff. Now for those who don’t know, I am really into make up, so this was really cool for me to be able to learn how to do stage make up.  Let me just tell you the steps so you can kind of get a visual- First we started with Pancake. Which goes all over your face to kind of flatten it out. And it’s really tan so it gives you some color too! Next we did Clown White. Which we used on the eye lids, and nose. We put it on the eye lids to to make them pop a little, so people could actually see your eyes! And for the nose, we did it straight down the nose to make that high light on your nose a  little more visable. Then we did Brown Pencil for eye liner, eye brows, and to high light the creases of your nose. Then was blush for girls, and sun burn for guys. And lastly, lip stick for the girls!(: So there you have it! And another super cool thing was that it was actually pretty easy! But it took practice to get everything just right!

Now, that’s mainly all we needed for appearence and stuff. Costumes, blood, and make up! I might be able to get some pictures up on this post later on tonight, so you can kind of see for your self what the make up looked like!

So this post is all about the play and stuff. The next one, I’ll get little more into what happened this week and stuff!

My Summer Trip

So, to update y’all on my summer. Last week, I went on a trip with my church to the Wilds Christian camp, in Ashville North Carolina! I went with a lot of people from my youth group for teen camp. I had an amazing experience while I was there. Hanging out with friends, eating some fantabulous food, and most importantly, learning about and serving God. He spoke to my heart about so many things… He totally changed my life. Now this might not sound good on a cooking blog and all, but while I was at camp, I realized, maybe I was too revolved around what I wanted to do with my cooking career, and not really thinking about what God might have for me to do. One night… August 5th to be exact… He really spoke to my heart, and was telling me that really, my life is His, and not mine… I need to do what He wants, and not what I desire.  So that night, I fully dedicated my life to Him. Now let me say this. I am not throwing away all my passion and desire to cook. I will still carry on this blog, and keep cooking. But if in the future, He has something else for me, I am just fine with doing whatever it is! And if cooking is His plan, then GREAT! I’m all for that! But I’m in His hands now. And no man will EVER pluck me out of my fathers hands!

So, finishing off… I should tell you a little more about what I did at camp. I had an amazing counselor. And 4 awesome cabin mates! Such sweet girls! We had chapel twice a day, and Christian life seminar once a day. Every day, we had a game out on the field. Very intense games. Some people took them a LITTLE too seriously! I got to spend a lot of time in Gods word. He really showed me things I didn’t even know were there. I had the best week of my life there. I will hopefully be going back next year. If God willing allows me too!

Summer is almost over, so once it is, I will hopefully start cooking again! Just bear with me! I’m a busy gall! 😉

Hello, people of the Homeschool life!

Well, here I am! In Richmond, VA for the big annual Homeschool Confrence! Wow… day one: wake up at seven, get ready VERY slowly, eat breakfast, then head for the computer! Our hotel here is super nice, although mom has much to complain about (But that’s okay… she complains about a lot!!!!) Mostly just the bed. She’s very picky about those sorts of things. It’s too hard, it’s too soft, I need more pillows, it’s too hot! See what I mean? But that’s not what I came here to blog about (even though I have much more I could say!!! Just kidding!). I came to pass the time while I wait for my mom to be done on the computer so we can head to the convention center. But I’ve been having a good time. We headed to the exhibit hall last night, and saw some old friends. Then hung out at the pool, and in our room.  There’s part of me that doesn’t really like coming to these, and part of me that does. I don’t because: 1- I have to get up SUPER early every morning. And for those who dont’ know, I’m not a morning person. 2-there are a LOT of people who come here. Some I wish I wouldn’t see ever again! 3: I don’t really want to admit it to a public blog, but you homeschoolers know we’re dorky, right? So you’ll understand! But some parts of this thing can be pretty dorky! I said just SOME. Others, well, are pretty fun like: 1- seeing old friends! 2- Buying super cool books (I got and Astronomy one last night!) 3: going to Famous Daves with tons of friends. 4: And just being able to get away from home! 🙂 So yeah…  I think that explains a little about this confrence thing!
Now, as I mentioned earlier, we went to the exhibit hall. That is basically a BIG HUMONGO room with lots and lots of booths with school curiculum, books, and lots more. And that’s pretty fun to go too. But this year they didn’t have much that I was interested in. Just all the Astronomy stuff! I love the stars, and planets! Anyways, so I think that’s about it… I hope I don’t get too tired. It’s been an early morning to a LONNNNNG day! Anyways, I’ll write later! BYE!

Memorial Day

I LOVE Memorial. First, because I get to cook tons of food. Also, because we have a super fun picnic with the Hispanic Church at my church. They are so much fun. We always go to Bethel Park, have a cookout, ride some boats and hang out with friends! I had so much fun yesterday! I made the Mashed Baked Potatoes I wrote about a while ago. They were gone in like 5 minutes!!! Hee hee! 🙂  No, it might have been longer than that, but I think everyone liked them. I hope they did! I had a great weekend. Well, Saturday not so much, but Sunday and yesterday was really fun. Sunday we had the ending night for our youth group. We always take a break in the summer,which is sad, and I don’t really know why we do it, but like I said, it’s sad. But anyways. On Sunday, we had a youth night at church, and a ton of people in the youth group either gave special music, or offertory, and then a couple guys gave bible lessons. It was amazing what everyone came up with. All the guys were great preachers!! 🙂 So, me and my friend did a special music. It went really well, and I got a lot of compliments! We sang “How Deep the Fathers Love for Us”. I love that song anyways, and I had fun singing it! Then we had a snack at a friends house, and that was fun. So yeah, I had a good weekend. And oh, on top of all of that, some of my friends came down to visit. That was cool too! 🙂 Anyways! Happy Memorial day! Hope all of you had tons of fun!

Catering Blessings!

My friends dad is a caterer for local parties,  weddings, and receptions. I’ve been friends with them since like 2nd grade, but I never knew that he was a caterer. So, about a month ago, he asked me if I would help him with a wedding. I of course was ALL up for it. (Not mentioning the very good pay I get!!!) So, I hung out with them at a church near my house, cooked some food, and had a GREAT time catering. It really is a blessing that I got that, umm, lets say job. Then last Saturday, I was asked to help him again. It was for a Home school Graduation Reception. I had a really fun time. We cooked, baked chicken (which is as much as I can say, because it’s a secret recipe!), steamed vegetables, and little baked potatoes. Then we had some appetizers.  Cheese, crackers, tortellini salad (super yummy!), and other tasty stuff. It’s been really fun helping him, and it’s been a really big blessing, because like I said, I get paid really well! 🙂 But yeah, it’s been cool! And a ton of fun!!!

Summer’s on it’s Way!!!!

School’s getting out, pools being cleaned, swim suits being bought! That means, oh yeah, summer is coming!!!! 🙂 I have sooo much planned for this summer!!! It’s crazy! Well, first of all, I’m going to The Wilds, which is a christian camp where you go for a week, and you get blessed with good food, great preaching, and awesome activities! They have a Family camp, Junior camp, and Teen camp. I’m going for Teen camp. I’m going with my Youth Group at church with a TON of my friends! Then I’ll be going to Nags Head with a really nice family. I’m best friends with their daughter, and they invited me to go on a trip with them! So that was pretty special too!!!! I might also be going to Kentucky with my family to go to the Creation Museum. It’s an amazing museum about the Creation in the Bible perspective. Not like Evolutionary. It’ll be one hundred percent GOD!!!! I’m excited about that too! I will also be hitting VA beach, Busch Gardens, my friend’s house, and the mall. So, yeah, I’ve got a lot planned for my summer! What about you? Are you going to be as busy as I am? I sure am excited though! My summer’s gonna be great!!! 🙂