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And so it begins…

Competition. Where do I begin? I feel as if every time I try to explain, no one really fully understands. So, I will try my best. 
It’s called ODACS, which stands for “Old Dominion Association of Christian Schools”. Basically, christian schools from all over the Nation compete with Fine Arts at different levels, and different rounds. There’s Regionals, State, and Nationals. You can compete with music, acting, writing, and any kind of art. All of that good stuff. It’s really fun actually. You get to do some pretty awesome stuff. I’m competing in quite a few different group categories, and a small instrumental ensemble with some friends. I’m also entering some photos in for the Photography category. Here they are for you to see: ImageImageI really like them. I’m not sure if I’ll get very far with them, but, my goal is to place at State with at least one of them. I think that would be awesome.
Anyways, moving on. I’m really looking forward to competition this year. It’s approaching a LOT more faster than it did last year, but it’s going to be great! I honestly feel a little unprepared, but, hopefully everything will work out. 
We have our Regional group competition coming up on Tuesday, and then Regionals for everything else is next Monday. I’m not sure when State is, but it normally follows two or three weeks after Regionals. 
I’m really excited for everything in store for my school this year. We are successful every year, and I’m so looking forward to what we pull off this year! 

I’m basically writing this post because I’m going to be extremely busy this week with all kinds of stuff. But I wanted you guys to have a little peak and what I’ll be doing. Plus, I hadn’t posted in a while, and thought I was about due for one. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on how competition is going! 


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  1. Dana, those are great photos. Ask for your Mom’s and Dad’s permission to sell them online. There are online places to submit them that, if someone uses them, you get paid a royalty. Google “sell photos” for sites to submit them to for sale such as

    • Thanks for the link! That’s definitely something my parents and I are going to look into. I definitely wouldn’t mind making something extra money, and that seems like a wonderful way to do so! Thank you.


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