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2 Hours!

Well, I’m back at it! I’m officially a Junior Chef again! after a long couple…( ptshh couple? more like LOT….) mounths! Today, I started my journey through some great recipes from a great lady I met at a womens health conference a few weeks ago. She was all into family cooking, and making food important around the dinner table. She had some great recipes. So I started cooking through some of them. Tonight, I started with the Chili Con Carne! Fancy right?! It’s a mexican chili, that’s really delicious. I started with sauteing some ground beef, onions, red and green peppers, and garlic. Those are the main ingredients. The ones that bring out all the different flavors! Then, I put tomatoes, beans, and other spices in it. (as in, garlic powder, allspice, and others that I can’t quite remember. Pathetic right? i can’t even remember what ingredients I used!) Then that simmered for about an hour and a half. So when that was simmering, I started on my jalepeno poppers. (which are not out of the recipes from the lady I met) Just a recipe from a friend! I took maybe 15 jalepenos, and cut them down the center and cleaned them out. Then I put cream cheese in the middle, and wrapped them in bacon. And to finish it off, put some shredded cheddar cheese on top. Then cooked them for about 20 minutes on 350. I did find though, that I need to cook them a little longer. The peppers were still kind of crunchy.  So while the chili was simmering and the poppers were in the oven, I got to work on my chocolate mouse! I kind of cheated on this one though! I used a mix from the Dove Chocolate company, and just added some whipping cream, and dark chocolate to it, and it was delicious!(:  I stuck that in the fridge, then got to work on my last recipe! (yeah, just one more guys!) I made corn bread. Which I also cheated on. I used a Jiffy mix, and added two eggs, and a can of creamed corn. Not the normal recipe on the back of the box… that’s why I call it my own recipe (well, my moms recipe!).  So I put that in the oven on 400, for about 25 minutes, and it was also very scrumpcious! So once everything was done, I finished up my chili. When it was done simmer, I added 12 ounces of beer to it, and let it simmer for another 30 minutes. Once it was done, it was quite good!(: Set back: too many beans. It would have been fine with just one can I think. I don’t like a lot of beans in my chili, but I felt it would be best to follow the recipe!

So all of this cooking turned into over 2 hours of cooking tonight! Which I am very happy about.  I feel like a chef again!(: So please, start reading my blog again, if you haven’t already. I will start doing it more, and I hope I haven’t let you down with out doing anything for a while. But I had lots of fun tonight, and I’m super happy I’ve got back to it!


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