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Drama Week part 1!

I’m back! And I am determined to STAY back! I got on my blog today as a school assignment/project. So that maybe if I blog today, I will want to everyday!(: We’ll see how this goes!

So anyways. Last week, my school had Drama week. We had The Academy of The Arts team come to our school for one week, to help us put on a play for the school. It was called April Morning.  It was really cool for me, because I got to go to school every day, for the whole school day! Which is special for a person who homeschools!(;  April Morning is a play that’s set during the time period of the Civil War. Some of the girls had southern belle dresses, and all the boys had some cool war out fits and such. But as for me… I played a nurse, so I got to wear a crenoline (defonition-really big skirt thingys that go under your skirt to make them look poofy… which no one should have been allowed to wear.. geez those things were hot!), a blue skirt, and white button up top. And here’s the fun part!… I got an apron with blood ALL over it! Yeah… it was pretty sweet! [I probably won’t mention the crazy head piece thing I had to wear too!] In one of the scenes (my main scene actually) was right after the Battle Scene. It was the Hospital Scene where all the soldiers went once they were hurt and stuff, and I got to put blood all over all the soldiers. That was pretty cool too! We made it out of chocolate syrup, corn syrup and red food dye! It was awesome.  So, now you know what the whole nurse thing is about… I also played a towns woman. I didn’t have any lines, but I did have a costume change. Which pretty much what I did was switch the blue skirt with a yellow flower skirt, and the apron for a shawl! It was really pretty actually!

So… that’s out of the way now. Lets move on to the make up! Now, since I didn’t have any lines, and didn’t need to rehearse so much this week, I got to play in the make up room a lot! It was so cool! All the stage make up and stuff. Now for those who don’t know, I am really into make up, so this was really cool for me to be able to learn how to do stage make up.  Let me just tell you the steps so you can kind of get a visual- First we started with Pancake. Which goes all over your face to kind of flatten it out. And it’s really tan so it gives you some color too! Next we did Clown White. Which we used on the eye lids, and nose. We put it on the eye lids to to make them pop a little, so people could actually see your eyes! And for the nose, we did it straight down the nose to make that high light on your nose a  little more visable. Then we did Brown Pencil for eye liner, eye brows, and to high light the creases of your nose. Then was blush for girls, and sun burn for guys. And lastly, lip stick for the girls!(: So there you have it! And another super cool thing was that it was actually pretty easy! But it took practice to get everything just right!

Now, that’s mainly all we needed for appearence and stuff. Costumes, blood, and make up! I might be able to get some pictures up on this post later on tonight, so you can kind of see for your self what the make up looked like!

So this post is all about the play and stuff. The next one, I’ll get little more into what happened this week and stuff!


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