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Hello, people of the Homeschool life!

Well, here I am! In Richmond, VA for the big annual Homeschool Confrence! Wow… day one: wake up at seven, get ready VERY slowly, eat breakfast, then head for the computer! Our hotel here is super nice, although mom has much to complain about (But that’s okay… she complains about a lot!!!!) Mostly just the bed. She’s very picky about those sorts of things. It’s too hard, it’s too soft, I need more pillows, it’s too hot! See what I mean? But that’s not what I came here to blog about (even though I have much more I could say!!! Just kidding!). I came to pass the time while I wait for my mom to be done on the computer so we can head to the convention center. But I’ve been having a good time. We headed to the exhibit hall last night, and saw some old friends. Then hung out at the pool, and in our room.  There’s part of me that doesn’t really like coming to these, and part of me that does. I don’t because: 1- I have to get up SUPER early every morning. And for those who dont’ know, I’m not a morning person. 2-there are a LOT of people who come here. Some I wish I wouldn’t see ever again! 3: I don’t really want to admit it to a public blog, but you homeschoolers know we’re dorky, right? So you’ll understand! But some parts of this thing can be pretty dorky! I said just SOME. Others, well, are pretty fun like: 1- seeing old friends! 2- Buying super cool books (I got and Astronomy one last night!) 3: going to Famous Daves with tons of friends. 4: And just being able to get away from home! 🙂 So yeah…  I think that explains a little about this confrence thing!
Now, as I mentioned earlier, we went to the exhibit hall. That is basically a BIG HUMONGO room with lots and lots of booths with school curiculum, books, and lots more. And that’s pretty fun to go too. But this year they didn’t have much that I was interested in. Just all the Astronomy stuff! I love the stars, and planets! Anyways, so I think that’s about it… I hope I don’t get too tired. It’s been an early morning to a LONNNNNG day! Anyways, I’ll write later! BYE!


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  1. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    Well, here it is July 28 and we are not hearing from you. Hope you enjoy camp next week and have a great time. Hope to you see back on the blog before too long.

  2. Hope to hear how camp was, i know your have a blast.I know i did!!!=) Rebekah


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