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Memorial Day

I LOVE Memorial. First, because I get to cook tons of food. Also, because we have a super fun picnic with the Hispanic Church at my church. They are so much fun. We always go to Bethel Park, have a cookout, ride some boats and hang out with friends! I had so much fun yesterday! I made the Mashed Baked Potatoes I wrote about a while ago. They were gone in like 5 minutes!!! Hee hee! 🙂  No, it might have been longer than that, but I think everyone liked them. I hope they did! I had a great weekend. Well, Saturday not so much, but Sunday and yesterday was really fun. Sunday we had the ending night for our youth group. We always take a break in the summer,which is sad, and I don’t really know why we do it, but like I said, it’s sad. But anyways. On Sunday, we had a youth night at church, and a ton of people in the youth group either gave special music, or offertory, and then a couple guys gave bible lessons. It was amazing what everyone came up with. All the guys were great preachers!! 🙂 So, me and my friend did a special music. It went really well, and I got a lot of compliments! We sang “How Deep the Fathers Love for Us”. I love that song anyways, and I had fun singing it! Then we had a snack at a friends house, and that was fun. So yeah, I had a good weekend. And oh, on top of all of that, some of my friends came down to visit. That was cool too! 🙂 Anyways! Happy Memorial day! Hope all of you had tons of fun!


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