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Summer’s on it’s Way!!!!

School’s getting out, pools being cleaned, swim suits being bought! That means, oh yeah, summer is coming!!!! 🙂 I have sooo much planned for this summer!!! It’s crazy! Well, first of all, I’m going to The Wilds, which is a christian camp where you go for a week, and you get blessed with good food, great preaching, and awesome activities! They have a Family camp, Junior camp, and Teen camp. I’m going for Teen camp. I’m going with my Youth Group at church with a TON of my friends! Then I’ll be going to Nags Head with a really nice family. I’m best friends with their daughter, and they invited me to go on a trip with them! So that was pretty special too!!!! I might also be going to Kentucky with my family to go to the Creation Museum. It’s an amazing museum about the Creation in the Bible perspective. Not like Evolutionary. It’ll be one hundred percent GOD!!!! I’m excited about that too! I will also be hitting VA beach, Busch Gardens, my friend’s house, and the mall. So, yeah, I’ve got a lot planned for my summer! What about you? Are you going to be as busy as I am? I sure am excited though! My summer’s gonna be great!!! 🙂


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