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Potatoes Boulangere

Tonight I made a REALLY good potato dish! Called well look at the top, you’ll find out there!

I started by caramelizing an onion. I cut it into slices, then put that, and a bay leaf in some hot oil. While that was going on, I sliced three cloves of garlic. Then when they were nice and sliced, they went in with the onions. Then that just sat and did its thing, while I started cutting some potatoes up. I had four russet potatoes that had to be sliced into circles. (I think it’s funny that everything in this recipe is SLICED!) Then everything was read for assembling. First I got a casserole dish, that I rubbed olive oil in, then added some of the potatoes, then some of the onion mixture (of course removing the bay leaf), then potatoes, then the rest of the onions. Then I put some chicken broth in, until it almost got to the top. Then I put it into a 425 degree oven. That cooked for 45 minutes, then was ready to be eaten up! And I have to say, those were some down-right good potatoes! Interesting too. I never cooked potatoes in chicken broth. But it gave it a good flavor. Definitely a keeper! Something quick and easy… I like it!!!!


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  1. Makenzie aka Your best friend EVER!! :)

    looks good!!! ❤ u!!!

  2. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    Glad to see you back. Missed you.


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