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Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Tonight, well, was an interesting night. I made a really interesting, and challenging dish. There were lots of ingredients. Here’s the scoop!

So I started with 1 cup of chicken broth and half a cup of water (COLD WATER!!!!) and then I poached the chicken in that, until it was mostly cooked through, but I was going to be doing more cooking later on, so it didn’t have to be perfectly cooked. So while was happening, I chopped up tons of veggies. I sliced onion, chopped carrot, and sliced some red pepper. Then I sautéed those in a little dab of oil, until they were nice and soft. While I was cooking the veggies, I cooled the chicken in the broth, so it got nice and moist (don’t you hate it when the chicken is dry? Yuck!) . After that I switched it over to a plate. Then I added 1 tablespoon of curry into the veggies, and the poaching liquid. Then cooked that longer. After some of the liquid evaporated,   I pureed some of the veggie mixture. Only so I could thicken the mixture. Then that went back in, and cooked LONGER! At some point I added garlic, but I did so much, I can’t really remember EVER single thing that I did!!! So when that was pretty much done, I put the chicken back in the pot, and cooked it. I also made rice to go with the curry, just to give it more flavor, and made it more of an entrée! It was really good though. It had a weird color, but the second I tasted a piece of the chicken, I was in heaven. It’s filling though, so I made a pretty big plate, and didn’t even eat all of it! But it was good, and really fun to make. It just took a while.

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted things regularly. I’m a stressed a busy girl, and so is my mom, so we don’t have very often to make trips to the grocery store, so that explains that.  But since I don’t have much more time to finish this project, I’ll be doing more. But I do apologize. Anyway, enjoy the post!!!!!!!


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  1. Makenzie aka Your best friend EVER!! :)

    looks yummy!!!! keep up the awesome job girl!!!!


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