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Pasta with Four Cheeses

A few days ago, I made a yummy pasta dish. It was different, but kind of good! What I did, was started by cutting up three different cheeses: Swedish Fontina, Mozzarella, and then I grated Parmesan cheese. So I didn’t exactly cut three. But I kind of did. Oh whatever! Anyway, so while I was doing that I was boiling some water so I could cook my pasta. I salted the water really well, and then when it was boiling, I was ready to cook my pasta. So I put that stuff in the hot tub, and let it sit there for a while. So when I was doing that,I started heating up my spaghetti sauce. Now for this recipe, I was supposed to make this with marinated tomatoes, but I have a hard time dealing with fresh tomatoes.  I don’t like them, so luckily, my mom went to the rescue, and just bought me some sauce.  I touched it up with some secret ingredients, that not even my family I cooked it for knew that I put some different stuff in there. They will find out eventually! So that was heating up, my cheese was cut up… there really wasn’t much I had to do for this! But when everything died down, I got to the fun part-adding all the cheeses into the pasta! There is another cheese that I have forgotten to tell you about: Ricotta. I mixed that with some nutmeg, and salt and pepper, and it tasted superb! I also added the fontina, and mozzarella into that. Then that whole mixture went into the pasta. So simple! I was surprised with how it turned out! It was pretty rich in taste, and I couldn’t even swallow a whole plate of that stuff! But it was killer! So yummy! And it was fun to make. I got to learn a little bit about different kinds of cheeses, and lots of super cool stuff!


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