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Polenta with Marscapone

Tonight, my mom was dying for me to make polenta! So you know what I did! I made it! It was very interesting.  I haven’t made anything like this before.  Well first, I heated up 5 cups of milk. Then when that was nice and hot I added one cup of polenta.  Then here’s the deal. I had to keep it on the stove for an hour. And I had to stir it every ten minutes of that hour! Then on and on, and was like “this isn’t very thick” and it’ s still not that thick, but it turned out pretty good. So oh yeah, after the hour passed, I added 5 tablespoons of marscapone cheese to the polenta. Then that was pretty much it! So easy. But you see, I didn’t have much meat to cook, so all I did was the polenta. And polenta isn’t good without something to go with it, so yeah. But maybe I’ll make something to go with it tomorrow.

So some of you might be asking me what polenta is. Let me tell you! It’s basically a cornmeal. Just a different kind! Hope you enjoy the short, easy post!!!


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