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The State Fair of Virginia!

I had THE BEST time at the State fair on Monday! Yep! I got to go! And it was so amazing! Some of you who live around here might have noticed that on that specific day (and the rest of the week) was rainy! REALLY rainy! But I still had fun! One of my bestest friends come with me, and we had so much fun! Now I know that some of you might be asking me “And WHY are you telling this us Dana?” Well let me tell you. You know how some people go to the fair for the AMAZING (and very expensive) food? (Ehem… my mom!) Well, me and my mom (who goes to fairs for the food! Just kidding… she goes for more then just that… or does she?) were looking through one of my Food Network magazines, and there was an article about the fair, and it was about a bar-b-q parfait! Okay guys, wait until you hear this! A bar-b-q parfait is.. here, lets go my layers… bottom: bar-b-q then bar-b-q sauce, then mashed potatoes, then that goes on and on until that fills the cup! Yeah, you heard me… a cup! well, duh you would know, because a parfait is in a cup!
Anyway, that was so yummy! I wanted another one! But like I said, if you’ve been to the fair, you don’t want to spend too much money on food! Anyway, I just thought I could share with you the reason we went to the fair! We just HAD to get our hand on a bar-b-q parfait! You get what I’m sayin’ here! Anyway, enjoy the post, and I’ll try to get cooking soon! Sorry about the delay, it’s just my days fly by so fast and then at night, my mom already had plans for dinner. But I have fish in the freezer, so maybe I’ll do that soon!!!!


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  1. Hey Dana! I also go for the baby animal tent…the alpacas, the bunnies, the piggies and the chickees!
    The food is awesome, too! Pork Parfait was truly memorable! Being with you was great, too!

  2. Dude! Doesn’t that look so good! It was good! me and my mom had a large, and I still wanted more! Oh dear state fair, come back! I need another parfait!!! AHHH!!!!

  3. Mmmmm……….that looks GOOD!!!


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