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Salisbury Steaks with some Sides!!

A few nights ago, I made sides for a meal! Yeah, you heard me… just sides! My mom did the Salisbury Steak, and I just did the stuff to go with it! It was so fun! Okay, so here’s the scoop!  What I did was first I started on some Red Hash brown potatoes. (I’m feeling the sudden craving for hash browns! Okay people, lets get through this, and get through it fast, because Miss Dana here doesn’t have any potatoes!!!) Anyway, so what I started with was boiling the potatoes (skin and all) in some water, with a generous amount of salt… not a lot, but enough to start flavoring the potatoes). Those cooked for about 15 minutes or so, and then I drained the potatoes, then started cutting them up. Now these babies were hot, so I had to be VERY careful! I got all those cut up into nice, bite size pieces, and then came the good part. THE FRYING! First, of course, I heated the oil in a big pan, and then added potatoes, garlic chopped up, and some more salt. And pretty much from there was just the part where you fry the stuff, then it’s ready, once it’s nice and crispy, and has a nice brown color all around the potato. THAT simple! And they were totally delicious!

I also made some good boiled green beans! And they were super easy… here you go! I bet I can do this in one paragraph!

First I took some green beans, and snapped the ends off. While I was doing that I boiled some water with TONS of salt in it. Then when the water was boiling and my beans were snapped,  in they went into the hot tub!!! And then all it took was some hot stuff, and then beans were ready! I got them soft and actually chewable, and they were delicious! And to make them better, I squeezed some lemon juice on in with some pepper and salt! And they were super good! See! One paragraph!!! Aren’t I super cool???!!! Anyway, that’s all for now! Enjoy!!!!


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