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Women Working for Women Networking Meeting

You know how I keep saying that I need more blog viewers??? Well, I might not have said anything, but I do need more blog viewers! Just because my blog is mostly read by all my friends, and people that I know. Anyway, what happened was my mom started going to these meetings that she uses to tell people all about her job, and the kinds of things she does… and so this time, it was “Bring Your Daughter to Networking Night”. So guess what!!!??? My mom brought me! And what ended up happening was me having a display table, and I had some blog pictures, and some from my photo shoot, and some blog posts that I printed out! That looked pretty cool! And  then there was my chef hat that I put on the table, and a big spoon, and a whisk, and my french rolling pin! I met a ton of people, and they all seemed really interested in my blog, and I had a lot of people tell me that they are going to keep up with me, and just stay a faithful reader!! YAY!!!!! Anyhoo! Just wanted to update you on the cook stuff going on! I also made those “Black and White Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies” (yeah, long name) to give out, and they were a BIG hit! I was happy about that! I’ll write more tomorrow, but right now, I’m pretty tired! Going off to bed!!!!


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  1. Hi Dana,
    How are you? I miss seeing you every year. How are your family? Tell them hi. Bethany said hello to. Can not wait to see you all soon.



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