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Summer’s Best Corn Chowder

There’s a military family that used to come to our church, but were stationed to North Dakota and it was really sad when they had to leave. I ‘m good friends with the little girl, and kind of friends with the son! They are a really sweet family, and my mom and I (actually my whole family) missed them a bunch! BUT! Tomorrow they are coming back! YES! They’re gonna be here tomorrow. After  being away for almost 3 years! We are all going over to another friend’s house tomorrow after our morning church service!!! I’m totally excited about it! We were asked to make some food to take, and I decided to make Corn Chowder!!! YAY!  I’m about to explain HOW I made it!!!

What I did was start with some bacon, and I fried that up, and discarded my bacon fat and oil. Then I added some more FRESH oil, and cooked some onions, carrots and celery until it was all soft and delicious! Then lets see… I need to get my mind together and remember what I did next! Oh, while my veggies were cooking, I took the corn kernels off of the cob, and then set that aside for later. Then I added into the veggies chicken stock, water, and the reserved corn cobs. I learned that when you save the cob that the corn came off of, and then put it in your corn stew, soup or chowder, that it gives it the real, authentic corn flavor! And it totally did! So that’s what went on for about 15 minutes! The soup started getting hot, and awesome!  Then after that was done, I took the corn cobs out of the soup then added corn and potatoes. That cooked a little longer, so the taters could get nice and tender. When that was all done, I pureed 3 and a half cups of the soup and added that back with 2 and half cups of milk, and then just let that sit on low heat for a while. And then it was pretty much done! I might have not told you everything I did, and if I didn’t, then it was just little things, so I’m sorry about that. I was pretty tired when I made it, so I couldn’t remember it much, but I told you most!  I started some Potato Salad that’s in “Get in There and Cook” so I’ll be blogging about that later! Thanks for reading and enjoy the post!!!!!

Junior Chef!!!


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  1. Dana, I hope you and your Mom are saving all of this. It will make a great ebook.


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