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Creamy Mashed Potatoes without the Cream

Today, I made some interesting taters! They were milkless mashed potatoes. They were really yummy! I liked the unique flavor they had.  Something about them were like… special… in it’s own way.  They were pretty easy when it comes down to the preparation.  You know, just like any other way you make mashed potatoes.  You boil the potatoes until they’re nice and tender, and then you mash them… except I didn’t MASH mine; I pureed them! You know, in a blender! It was super easy. I pureed them until they were really creamy and runny. I was kinda disappointed in the runniness, so I broke the rule… I put a little dash of milk in them!!! Ahh!! I’m so bad!! Haha! Anyway, that’s pretty much what went on the kitchen. I also made Jamaican Chicken. I had a special seasoning from Pampered Chef called Jamaican JERK rub!!! Haha! I thought that was funny! And just had these little chicken tenders, and then I seasoned them with the rub! They were delicious! AND I also made Double Chocolate Pudding! That was good too! I think I blogged about that before! Anyway, That’s what’s cooking!!!


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