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What About the Cooking?

Okay, so I know everyone is asking me why I haven’t cooked lately. I have to tell you the truth, I’ve been getting bored by looking at the same posts every time I get on here, and so every once in a while when I don’t get a chance to cook for a while, I just like to give you updates.  Even thought like half of this blog is “updates”! But I do have SOME things to talk about. For a few nights, since we haven’t had the chance to do some meat shopping, I’ve been making boxed meals! HOW FUN! I am a complete PRO at boxed meals!!! Have you even seen those boxed meals at the store that are called “Wanchi Ferry”? Well, I have had to make those for a while, because that was all we had the ingredients for. It’s sad, I have five more months to do all these different recipes, and I haven’t even made a trip to the store to get all the ingredients I need. My mom, who has WWAAAYYY too much on her mind lately, decided to take a long luxurious weekend to herself in Williams-burg, so I can’t go this weekend. I’ll make sure I start getting on a roll next week. School also starts next week for me, so I’m going to be VERY busy these coming weeks. Lots of homework. Cooking stuff I need to study, and school work that needs to be done. But I’m ready for work! Totally ready! I always feel like a bum at the close end of summer, when all my friends start school, and I’m just still sitting on my butt doing nothing, and when I see all them talking about homework, and they are all at Volley-ball practice and have tons to do, I feel like I need work. So, yeah, I need it. I’m going to get into good habits this year. I think I’ll go so I can plan my good routine! I will have LOTS to do this year, but I’m ready. I’m thirteen, and in eight grade. I think I should start being a little more responsible! And mom, you’ll be proud of me when you read this, and you might be sarcastic and all like “sure Dana!” but this is true! I’m ready to be busy, and I’m ready to finish this cookbook! I think I’m setting some good goals! And I promise that I will start up “Get in there and Cook” again next week! WE live super close to a Food Lion, so we can go there, and get all kinds of meat, and yummy ingredients! Are you ready to see me finish strong???!! I know I am! Wish me luck, and pray that I won’t be a bum anymore. I feel weird being one of those. I’m done being one! I do my work. All kinds of it! Chores and everything! Wish me luck! 🙂


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  1. I’m right there with ya, girl! Go for it! I think we need to add some exercise to our routine, don’t you? I’ve noticed that I’ve gained a lot of weight since you started this blog! Too much yummy food!
    I’m feeling refreshed and ready to kick our school year off to a good start!
    Love ya!


    • Thanks mom! Yeah, I think so. We need it. Like I said, I’m gonna go running every morning at 7:30 am… and go for thirty minutes. Then get started on school be nine. I’ve done lots of planning about it when you were gone, so I’ll talk to you about when you get home… BTW! COME HOME!!!!! I miss you!!!!
      Love you!

  2. OK – YES for the running every morning – so the next time you come to Greenville, you can go running with me! 🙂

    And YES for cooking again – I just remembered to look up your blog! 🙂

    • Oh TOTALLY Kim! That would be so fun! Okay, well you have a lot on your mind so it’s fine that you JUST remembered! How’s the family? I hope we come to Greenville soon! I miss it soooo much! I think of it as my second home, because like every free chance we get we come down there and spend a few nights! It’s fun to come, and I miss the fun trip we had!!!

    • Hey Kim! What’s your blog called? I want to check it out, but I don’t know what it’s called. It would be cool if I could get it from you! Thanks!

  3. Good luck and finish strong! I’ll be praying that your hard work shall glorify God, and show His goodness in putting such talent in you. Don’t forget to have fun!


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