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Mustard Crumbed Chicken

A few days ago, I had a hard time deciding what to make for dinner. My mom said there was chicken in the freezer, but there wasn’t! I asked her what to do, and she told me and my brother to go to the store and get chicken! I thought that was the best idea to use! I always forget that my brother has his drivers license, so I never think of him to take me anywhere! We got the chicken, and then we went back home so I could make Mustard Crumbled Chicken! This recipe was out of “Get in There and Cook” just to let you know… but I tweaked it a little bit. When I was preparing the food, I kept getting these really cool ideas in my head. I was thinking about cheeseburgers while I was cooking for some odd reason! When I saw that it said to brush the chicken with mustard, and then roll it it bread crumbs, I came up with an idea! First, I put the mustard on the chicken. But before I go any further, what I did, was put a little dab a ketchup in with the two kinds of mustard’s (course, and umm… well… oh, dison!!!! Sorry!), and put it on like that. And then after the mustard, I wrapped one piece of bacon around it. Then after that I had the bread crumbs it called for, and then I put a little shredded cheese in with the bread crumbs! And then baked it like that! Now here’s what I called them! Cheeseburger Chicken Tenders! Because the bread crumbs were the bread on a burger, and then cheese, and bacon and yeah, you get the point! But I thought that was a pretty good idea! They tasted good too!


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