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This recipe is one that I got off of another blog that I like to read. It’s called “Pinch of Yum” and it’s really cool! I saw

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the title of the post, and I just had to check it out! These are super yummy.  What I did was start by baking a very thin layer of brownies, and then after those were done, I sprinkled peanuts and crushed Reeses cups, and then got that all melty, then I got to the good part! The good part was one package of milk chocolate morsels, then PEANUT BUTTER!!, and one tablespoon of butta! Then I melted all that gooey goodness together, and then when it WAS melted, I put rice krispie treats, and then mixed it up. Then THAT went on top of the brownies.  I refrigerated it for 2 hours, to harden all the gooeyness! Anyway! That was a super delicious recipe I used! Courtesy of “Pinch of Yum… Because life should be yummy!” If you enjoy my blog, you will definitely like this one! Enjoy the post! More coming tonight!


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  1. oh my gosh…theese look AMAZING!


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