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In Memory of My Dearest Lydia Fray

Today has been a hard day for a lot, a lot of people. There was once a very happy missionary family of four. One amazing father, with the name of Nathan, then an incredible mom, named Diane. There was a little, adorable girl named Priscilla. Then there was an amazing, adorable, happy, girl of 13 named  Lydia. She was an amazing missionary girl with her parents, and she touched more people then ANYONE can imagine. There’s a story to go with the story about the memories I’ve had with her. When she was born, she had many health problems. She was born with an exposed spine, so she’s been in a wheel-chair her whole life. She hasn’t had one moment where she could walk. Not one moment. But she NEVER let that bother her. Diane and Nathan were married, and they were called to be missionaries to Sau Pualo, Brazil. They were, and still are the best missionary family I have ever met. They were always happy, and every single thing they did, they did it all for God. I was sad the day they had to leave from their furlough, and I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my dearest Lydia. I hadn’t felt good their last night to see them, and I was totally mad at myself that I didn’t go. Then we got word  that Lydia had been diagnosed with pneumonia. But a few days later, the doctors said she had a blood clot. So they decided to do some surgery. So at ten o’clock at night a few days ago, they were going to perform a surgery to fix everything, but they had sent out word that they canceled the surgery. And so they had her bed rest, and they were keeping a super close eye on her. So, I mean, just one thing led to another, and to make an even longer story short. She went brain-dead, she didn’t know how to do anything, and she was just a little, innocent girl, lying on her bed, waiting for her Heavenly Father to bring her Home. And then tonight, God finally decided to call her to his amazing Kingdom. We had been waiting for this moment for a long time,  ever since she started getting sick. What caused this was the plane ride back to Brazil. The air and just all the stuff they use in planes just messed up her lungs and she was sick from the day they got on the plane. I have been very sad, and I know that her family has a big loss in their family. She made many people happy, and she’s been a big part in their lives too. So right now, my Lydia, I am in loss, and grieve that you have left our world. But you know? She can walk! She can totally walk. And better than that! She can RUN! She can run as fast as she want! And that’s just amazing! And it’s really hard to describe what she’s feeling up there in Heaven with God! It’s a blessing! And more than anyone wanted for her. She’s standing and talking with God, and wow, she’s just probably the happiest person right now! I am running out of amazing things to say about her and what she might be feeling, because there’s not much to say about how happy she is. She’s with God, and walking, and running, and she’s better off there, then she will ever be in our dirty world! Everything is great fer her. Everything! And so now, even with all the tears, and heart breaks, I praise God that he created this world, and gave Lydia to us, and I praise God that He sent His Son to die for us, and to save us from never having the peace and foreverness in Heaven! God is good, in all ways, and he always will be. I love Lydia, and the rest of the Frays, and I want everyone to pray for their family while they are recovering from this terrible loss. I pray for you, Mrs. Fray, Mr. Fray, and you too Priscilla! You are the greatest family anyone could ever meet! You are the sunshine on a cloudy day… and I will forever love you!

Your friend and sister in Christ,



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  1. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    All our prayers are with the Fray’s. Your written tribute is very moving. Can’t wait to see you soon.

    • Thanks Dad! I ran out of stuff to say, because I was feeling so sad, so sorry that it went on and on and on. But I like it too! I miss her. I thought I would see her again, but she’s better now. And she’s running. And that’s more then anyone wanted for her! Love ya!

  2. Dana,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful eulogy of Lydia. We heard of her death, but did not know what had caused it.

    We are missionaries in Brazil and lived in Frays´ house during an earlier furlough. We met the Frays after their return in the Fall of 2005. They are an amazing family and very joyful. Lydia was always cheerful and a real testimony to the fact that the spirit is SOOOO much more important than the body.


    • Thank you Barbara! That’s very sweet. I’ve heard nice things about how much people like my post. My grandma in South Carolina was very touched by it. Have I met you before? You were at my church. We’ve had many missionary families, and so I have a hard time remembering! And it doesn’t help that I have a pretty bad memory! You sound like I very nice lady, and I hope to talk to you more. One more question… where did you hear about my blog? I’ve never had many readers who I don’t tell about my blog first, and FORCE them to read it. I hope that question doesn’t sound… weird… I’m just curious!!! I hope you enjoy my blog!

  3. Dana,
    Thank you so much for your words. You said all that is in my heart and more.
    What a comfort to know Lydia is in Heaven enjoying her Savior! But, oh! How we miss her here!
    Keep on writing, cooking and blessing others!
    God Bless,
    Mrs Mast

  4. Thank you, Miss Dana, for a beautiful, loving tribute to Dear Lydia. I can tell from what you’ve thoughtfully written that Lydia meant so very much to you. Yes, we do live in a “dirty” world, yet God in His loving mercy, fills it each day with sunshine and love through His precious children like the Frays, the Carrolls, and all who love Him and are called according to His purpose. God bless you, dear Dana.

    • Thank you Mrs. Rackley! I feel so loved! she did mean the WORLD to me and more. She’s been a very big part of my life. Everyday, I’ve done most of my thinking about her. I just couldn’t believe she was gone. But everything is okay now. She’s in Heaven, and having much more fun there then she would here!

  5. Hey Junior Chef,
    Nice tribute for Lydia

  6. It is amazing what a person can show you not only in life, but also in death. A person may live life glorifying God, and die showing us how much time we really have. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed, all we have is what is right here, right now. That concept never really hits home until you see a life that has glorified our Savior and His Father through and through, just end because God has called them into His wonderful presence. I will pray for this Fray family, and I enjoyed your display of love to this family, and to our gracious LORD.

  7. oi.
    I’m Sabrina, I was with Lydia in the hospital, I saw what you wrote, very beautiful, I know she loves you even in heaven.
    I also really love to Lydia, and miss she very much


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