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It’s almost here!!!!

Do you remember when I started my cookbook and I said that I had a whole  year to finish it? Well, it’s been about half of that year now. I have done 32 (can you believe it!!! 32!) recipes, and I have 68 more to go! WOW! And the last day I will have to finish this is January 17. I don’t think that will be exactly a year, but I thought I could pick a day in January to finish, because I started this sometime in January! I think.  I’m so excited about finishing! It’s gonna be so amazing! I’m going to have a party, and celebrate, and it’s just going to be an amazing accomplishment for me! I’ll even reward myself somehow. I don’t know how yet, but maybe, just maybe my parents will get me something special! But I’m not expecting a  special present! I’m expecting a special night doing my last recipe, and then having it and knowing that I did it, and that will be enough for me! I just want to know that I am a chef, who can cook all the recipes in a one cookbook! I think that’s a big accomplishment for a teenage girl like me! That will be special enough! I can’t wait! Not that I will be done with the blog, but being done with something not many people like me do! It’ll be great! I know it will! I’m excited about the party too! Anyway, I wanted to update you and tell that I have 68 more recipes and about five months to finish it! So pray for me that I’ll finish, and just that I do a good job! And I really don’t want to mess up anymore recipes because that means I have to do them over! And that will just take more time for me to finish. I think you’ll be seeing more posts now, because I have to get on a roll so I can finish this! Bon Appetit!!!!


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  1. Dana, I suggest you have your Mom proofread it, put a price on it, and sell it as a digital book (e-book) on eBay and maybe ClickBank as well as this blog. It may also be profitable to have Jessie sell portfolios of photographs in the same places. Keep it up and at this rate you and Jessie will be millionaires by the time you are each 25 years old.

    • When you say sell this as a digital book, do you mean the blog, or the recipes? If it’s the blog, that sounds really cool! That would be really nice! But if you mean the recipes, I got them out of a cookbook, and it’s already been written. I didn’t make up the recipes myself. Thanks for the nice comment!

      • Dana, I think most recipes are pretty much the same with a few tweaks here and there. For example, how many different ways can you make a basic omelette? You seem to change things as necessary for better taste or when you run out of ingredients and don’t have time to get more of what you need. I think it would be nice to have an e-book having recipes with the changes you make as necessary, and also incorporate your life into the e-book as well, such as your plans to study in France and how you plan to achieve this, both financially and psychologically. Same with Jessie should he want to be a professional photographer or keep it as a serious hobby.

        I like to read biographies and autobiographies of business leaders and entrepreneurs since it shows me ways to think like them to get to where they have been. You and Jessie could do this for younger people, from as early as 9 years old to as old as anyone under the age of 18, or maybe higher. Think “Hannah Montana”. While I doubt that Miley Cyrus has the talent to be as famous as she is without her father’s ties to show business, she appeals to young folks. At the age you and Jessie are, you both are in the same niche market that has lots of money to spend on good quality hobbies such as cooking and photography. I don’t recall seeing any other cookbooks or photography books out there authored by people as young as you and Jessie and I have a feeling that there are people your ages, and their parents, who need someone to show them how to do these things from a fellow youngster’s point of view.

        Just my 2 cents. I enjoy reading your blog.

      • Wow, yeah, I totally get what your saying! That’s a great idea! Thanks Mr. Kim! It’s nice having someone as supportive as you helping me with all of this! It’s been a really fun experience for me, and I think that the e-book will be a really cool idea! I’ll look into that with my parents and stuff! Sounds great, Mr Kim! I love doing my blog. It lets me speak my mind without anyone interrupting me (because that happens a lot when I try to tell my friends about it!). Anyway, thanks for all your help. And if you do have lots of stuff to tell me about that you think I might be interested in, please, feel free to email me. I think you have my address!

  2. WOW! so cool 😀 can’t wait! (save me some of your last recepie too) teehee. anyway i’m happy 4 u and i really hope u do well (well i know u will yur the best chef i know……don’t tell my mom 😉 jk) so i’ll pray 4 u……….. good luck!
    ~ 🙂 Amanda 😉

    • AAWW! Thanks Panda! That means a lot! I will try. But it won’t be my LAST recipe! I mean, just the one out of the cookbook, but not my VERY last! You’ll get tons of food from me as the days go by! lol! Awe! I’m glad I’m the best chef you know! I know I am!! lol! jkjk! Thanks for praying! I hope I finish! I will do my very best, and do it all to the glory of God!

  3. We are so very proud of you. This has been a wonderful experience for you in so many ways. First, you set a goal for yourself and are working hard to achieve it. That is so very important in life. Second, you seem to have found your life passion in cooking and we believe you will be very successful with it. Third, you have a gift for expressing yourself in writing in an entertaining way. Your blog has been delightful. We love you!

  4. Thanks Honey! Love you too! Your awesome grandparents! I love you so much! Btw, we need to set a date for me to make you dinner soon! I love you!


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