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Basic Chicken Salad

Today  I made like THE BEST chicken salad ever! It was like so amazing! Oh my goodness! Greatest stuff ever! Okay, I’m pretty sure you get the point!  It was really fun to make too! It was easy and everything, but the only thing was it took a little longer than I hoped, because my chicken wasn’t thawed all the way, but it was all good!  What I did was start with the sauce, and the hard boiled eggs. I’ll get to the eggs in a minute! What I did with the sauce was super easy! I mixed half a cup of mayonnaise, and 2 cups of celery and half a cup of red onion. When that was done, I pretty much had like 30 minutes of doing nothing! I had to wait on the chicken, and wait on the eggs, and I didn’t have much to do with the meal at that point. But I did make a mixture to go on the mayonnaise, and that was 2 teaspoons of oil, and 2 teaspoons of thyme. The recipe didn’t call for thyme in that part, it called for curry powder, but I didn’t have any, so I thought that I could just experiment, and so I used thyme. And that was a REALLY good substitution! I could taste it in the salad when it was done, and it was perfect! Absolutely perfect!  That was good! Then, the chicken was ready to start cooking! This was the fun part… where things started picking up on the pace, and I had lots more to do!  I started on the chicken, and what I did with that was poach it in 2 cups of chicken stock, and half a cup a hot water. I used the water so the liquid would cover all of the chicken because I didn’t have anymore chicken stock! [ssshhh!!!] That had to cook for  about 25 minutes, until it was cooked all the way through. And then my eggs were done, so I put them in a cold water and ice bath so they could cool. This is another point where I wasn’t that busy.  My chicken was boiling, and my eggs were cooling, so there really wasn’t much to do. But then the chicken was done, and I had to cut that up, and then I put it in the mayonnaise and vegetables.  Then I did that plating!  I was very proud about plating! I have a picture so you will be able to see it! But I was really happy about it!  I put a piece of… you know what! Just look at the picture! I would never think of that! I’m so smart! Hope you enjoy the post!!!


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  1. You and Jessie are doing a great job with this blog. I met with one of my friends this past weekend who is an Internet marketing wizard and he was very impressed with your blog. Tell your Mom and Dad it’s time to make some money from it. Get G-ma to help convince them, if necessary.

    • Well, I’m doing a great job with the BLOG part, and he’s doing an amazing job with the pictures! But thanks! Wow, that’s so cool Mr. Kim! He sounds pretty cool! Wow! He’s been on my blog? That’s amazing! I always love a nice person who enjoys my blog! Well, I want to make some money too! Are my parents into the idea? It’s been really nice having you tell us all this! It’s helping a lot! Well, you know we switched my blog to! So that’s a big step for me! No wordpress in it now! Thanks, I’ll get to that!


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