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The Little Things

Well, I haven’t written a post for a while so I decided to just blog about the little things going here! I’ve been a little busy, but not like I used to be! It’s summer, and pretty much all I do during the summer is hang out at my house. And “hang out” usually mean sit on the couch and watch TV all day… but that’s because I don’t have much to do! But anyways. I’ve made a few things lately. Last night I made an Asian Pork Tenderloin. It’s pretty much just a pork loin with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Aka EVOO) and a special Asian seasoning from Pampered Chef, and then thrown in my magic pot, and cooked for about 18 minutes! It was good, and it made the most amazing juice. All that juice came out of it, so I let it just absorb all of the juice, because it was sooo good! The other night, I made a pretty good meal. I made Teriyake Chicken, and Rice Pilaf, and then I cook the chicken in some rice, and teriyake sauce, and onions, and that turned out really good. Okay, so I have this little habit of turning up the heat on my stove, with out even knowing it, so what I thought I did with the rice pilaf was I covered it, and thought I had it on low just to keep it warm until everything else was ready, but I accidentally put it on 5, and left it that way, and then I hear this really lord sizzling sound, and the first thing that came to my mind was “OOOhhh no!” and yes, I burnt the bottom of my pilaf. Yeah, so that was a bummer, but my meal was still really good! The chicken was really juicy and good, so that made me pretty happy!!!
Anyways, that’s an update, I guess! Enjoy the post!


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