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Pork Chops with Mustard Onion Gravy… My Successful time!

Do you remember when I tried making those pork chops with mustard onion gravy, but didn’t work out? You know how I burnt the gravy? Well, I tried it again tonight… and I did it! I made it, and it was so good! I was so happy. I think I had figured out why I messed up the last time, and I think that it was because when I was braising my pork chops, I had the heat too high, and everything was cooking too much too fast, and I didn’t check on it so the gravy had evaporated, and there was nothing left besides black junk all over the bottom of my pan!! Anyway! I had a whole lot of fun making this! I got to make caramelized onions which are my absolute favorite, and I got to use thyme in them too, so that was a treat for me! I love thyme! And then I browned up the pork chops, and then put vegetable stock in with the onions and then it was time for braising! I had that going for about 25 minutes and the pork came out of the pan, and I made the gravy (which fortunately didn’t burn!!!”). And that was interesting because I’ve never made gravy by scratch before. So this was a first! And oh yeah, I took put to onions too! And then I evaporated it big time, and then added mustard and red wine vinegar, and I let it sit for a minute, and then my delicious, unburnt gravy and pork chops were so good! The gravy was elegant and very different because it had the slight bit a sourness, and that was really nice! And that was the ending of the perfect meal!!!!
PS… thanks for going on my trip with me! It was really fun, and I had a great time in Atlanta, and thanks for sticking with me last week! You are some really good readers! And faithful to my blog!!!!


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  1. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    Glad to see your new post. I missed reading about your great stuff.
    Welcome back!


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