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Quadruple D, The Sad Last Day!

Yesterday was the day we had to say goodbye to beautiful Greenville.  The day we had to say goodbye to our trip! Our great trip!!!!  We got up, not too early, took our time getting out, and then we had a long drive ahead of us.  In the morning, we had some delicious pancakes… they were out of this world!!! I don’t know how they were made, but they were good! We had breakfast and then sat and talked for a little bit, and that was fun! Then sadly, it was time to leave.  I didn’t want to, because I was having just so much fun!

 We got on the road and my dad told us that we were going to go to this place called Graham Soda Shop!! I’ve been there before when we went to the Wilds Christian Camp, and it was amazing! This place is a family run business, so it is only one restaurant; it’s not anywhere else in this entire universe! We got there at about 2 o’clock, and I was really hungry by that point! But when we got there, it didn’t look like there were many cars parked outside, so my dad went and checked what time it was open. It said that it was closed on Sundays, and unfortunately we went on a Sunday. Too bad.

 Me and my brother had spotted a place called the Cook-Out, and that sounded pretty good, so we went and checked it out. Well, you know we were sitting in that car forever, and we really wanted to get out and stretch!!!!  This Cook-Out place was kind of like Sonic, you sit in your car and eat… and there was no way that we were going to sit in our car and eat, so our hunt for a good restaurant was still going on! Sorry for that little glitch. I hadn’t finished my blog post and somehow it still got on my blog, so that’s not the end of it! I’m super sorry!!!! Here’s where you hear about my meal!! I went to Carvers on Elm. This isn’t a very KNOWN joint, but it wasn’t terrible food. Well, I didn’t want to say this, but it wasn’t very good! It made me even more sad once I took my first bite that we couldn’t go to Grahm Soda Shoppe!!! But the only thing that I was totally amazed about were the hush puppies!!! They were AMAZING!!!!! I loved them! I ate like TEN!!! I’m not kidding, guys! OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! But my cheeseburger tasted a little bit… and I need you guys to understand that I have had a ball pretending to be a food critic, so that’s why I’m saying this!!!… I thought that it had a hint of like a plastic flavor! I’m sorry if someone from Carvers on Elm reads this, but It’s a little true! Do I sound mean? I’m sorry if I do, but a food critics gotta do what a food critics gotta do!!! It’s true!!!! Anyway! That was my day, and the food really wasn’t THAT bad, but it wasn’t the best! And I don’t think that a special Food Network star named Guy went there, and I don’t think he ever will! Anyway, there you go! I miss my trip sooo much, and I really want to go back! I know that’s a place that I could go back to!! I really want to! Can’t wait until we go again! I want to go back for the food personally!!!! They have some of the best food ever! Really good places! One thing that I don’t like about my blog is that every time I blog about good food, I start to get really hungry! I think I’ll go get some cold chicken!!! Yummy!
Happy Eating Ever After!!!!!!!! And many more!!!


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  1. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    Dana have you gone on strike? I keep checking your blog but I’m not finding anything new. Are you doing anything or just recovering from your lengthy trip?
    Love to all,

    • Well, I did for a while G-ma. We hadn’t been able to get to the grocery store because of how busy we are, but mom went yesterday, and I’m sure I’ll make something for the boys later on! Hopefully! But I promise, it will start soon!!! Love you!


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