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Quadruple D, Day 7

This is yet ANOTHER day of fun-filled food and adorable little kids! We will get to the kids in a moment! Today wasn’t another restaurant that I went to, this was a real home cooked meal made  obviously, by the best chef in town… ME! Today, was an extremely interesting day, and it still is… in a way!  I slept in really late while my parents and friends went out to town super early in the morning, and then I watched TV until 3:30 in the afternoon, and then we got started on dinner at about 5.

 Now, what I made for dinner was one of my best recipes! I made Ham Tortellini! That amazing, rich, creamy pasta dish! And I have to say that is my favorite recipe ever! The best. We had ( and this is where the little  come into the story!!) my friend’s son came over with his wife and two little girls over for dinner, and I have to say that they are the cutest little family I have ever met! The mom is so sweet, and I really like the dad because he thought that I was 15!!! Yep!! I really like him!!!!!! I had so much fun tonight! And so while the girls were here, I have today that they are the most energetic kids I have ever seen! They wore ALL of us out… especially me, because I love to play with little kids, that I couldn’t resist their adorable little faces! I just had to get in on some of that!!! They were such dolls, but they totally take all your energy away!!! And the parents were great! They loved my meal, and they kept thanking me for it, and saying that it was great, and I really like people who enjoy my meals!!!

I’ve had such the best trip, and I really don’t want to go home, but I think it if I stay any longer away from my own bed, I might cry!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed “taking my trip with me” and really understanding how fun this has been for me! And we have one more thing to do! I think! I think we are going to a restaurant tomorrow, too! I can’t wait!  But I really do hate driving in a car that long… boredom!!!!!!! Anyway, thanks for reading!!!!

Happy Eating!!! 🙂


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  1. Amanda Whitlock

    its SOOOOOOOOOO cool how yur blog is now a WEBSITE!!!!! i happy 4 u can’t wait to keep following yur updates ‘n stuff luv ya! 😉
    ~amanda r.w. 🙂 😀

    • Well, my blog was still a website, but not my very own. Now it’s all mine!!! It’s still word press though!!!! For those who don’t know about this. My blog is now not the one it used to be! Just wanted to let all y’all know that! But you can still use the wordpress one, they are both the same!!!!

  2. hi dayday it ape so i am happy that u have a web site and you need to change how old you r. u r 13 not 12 i am with mande w 🙂 so g2g not really so i will try to check it out more

    • Thanks! April! So yeah, I explained it to Amanda that when I wrote this, I was 12, and I want to keep it original, so yeah, I want to keep doing my blog with out people telling me what to do with it! Not trying to be mean, but yeah, that’s the way it’s gonna be!!


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