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Quadruple D Day 6

Well well!!! Today was yet another day of heavy eating!!!!!  I went to another place that Guy Fieri went to, and this place was really good!!!! Today on our way out of Atlanta, we went to The Marietta Diner!!!!!! And I have to admit, that I didn’t get to eat as much that I wanted to! The reason is, is that I sometimes get really tired when we go on trips, and sometimes it makes me sick, just that exhausted feeling you get when you do too much, and then not get enough sleep, so yeah, I woke up feeling that way… so sad! BUT!!!!… I didn’t let that stop me from eating at one of the BEST restaurants that I’ve ever been to! I started feeling a little better, so I thought, maybe if I get something a little light, I’ll be fine! So I was looking over the menu, and I found something that seemed really good, and that was the Chicken Caesar Wrap! That thing was the best wrap that I ever had! I’ve had a few wraps, but none are like the one that I had today!!!!  The chicken was really moist, and I like that!!!! And the sauce was really good! Then I took my first bite and I was speechless!!!  Oh! And guess what! The people were REALLY nice!!! Our waitress was really good, and I was like, she must have worked here for a while, and then she tells us that she had worked there for only 2 weeks! They must have some really nice training!!! You know, I think that this was my best trip I’ve had yet! Well, maybe my favorite one was Disney World! I went there in 2004 I think! I love Atlanta! It’s a great place… and super fun!!!! You really need to take your next summer vacation there! I really recommend it!!!!!  It really made my week!!!

Well, today we left Atlanta, and made our way to Greenville to visit our friends and it has been really fun! We had quite a feast too!! We had tortilla chips with a fiesta dip (re-fried beans, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream!), chicken wings, and salad! Then we had an ice cream dish for dessert! It was really good! It had pecans, LOTS of caramel, and then vanilla ice cream! My friend, Mrs. Rackley, didn’t know what it was called, so I said that I could taste it and try to name it!!!! With my first bite, I came up with a name!!!!!! Caramel Madness! She loved that name and she’s going to keep it too!!!! So yeah, I had a pretty good day and  I feel fine now!! YAY!!! I have loved this week so far!!!! A very nice week! And I’m so happy because it’s not over yet! I still have one more day and tomorrow, I’m going to cook diner! YAY!!!!

Happy Eating! 🙂


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