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Quadruple D, Day four!

Well, yesterday, I had quite a big day and it was really late before I had a chance to get on the computer, so I didnt’ have a chance to write about yesterday so today I’ll write about yesterday and today! But this post is just yesterday! Okay, you get the point!!! Yesterday, one word to describe… AMAZING!!!!! It was so fun! We did a bunch! Well, first was the World of Coke! That was great! Totally fun!! I love coke. I’m a Coke-aholic!!!! And so are some of my friends, so this was a really fun experience!!! I got to learn lots about Coca-Cola that I didn’t even know!!! And something else that’s really cool about this place is that they have a room where you can taste all these different sodas from around the world! They had some form New Zealand, England, and even the best place ever!… FRANCE!!! And there drink was Nestea tea, but it was Peach Tea! It was soooo good! There’s something else great about France! Cool drinks! They had one from Italy, and it was so gross! It was called Beverly! And my friend told me that she went before me, and that I should NEVER taste Beverly, but the rest of my family did, so I of course, HAD to!!! And it was really bitter… really really bitter. My friend told me that it made some of her friends from where she used to live, puke! YUCK!!! So it was really great!

After the World of Coke, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Now that wasn’t as fun as the World of Coke. At least, I didn’t think so. It wasn’t my favorite, but my family thought it was better. But it was still cool! I liked it! There where a lot of really cool fish there, and I saw the otters, and they are so cute! So that was really fun! But not as fun as Coke!!!!!

Now, while we were on our way to the World of Coke, we met the manager of the Centenial Park (that’ where we are), and he took our picture and then he told us about this place in Centenial park called “Googie Burgers” and he told is that we had to eat there, so we did! And it was so good! It isn’t a drive-in, but it in a walk up. It’s like Dairy Queen. You walk up to the window and order your food, and then you sat down outside! It was one of the best burgers I ate! The flavor was great, but the burger was the tiniest bit dry. But I didn’t let that bother me!!!! And the fries! Oh my, you just need to take a trip here, and try them for yourselves! Trust me! You will be so happy that you did!!!!

 A new post will be posted in a few hours! After my day is over!!!

Happy Eating!


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  1. cool! that sounds like alot of fun!!!!!! i was born in
    Georgia i don’t remember anything about it though b/c i wasn’t even 2 yet when we moved here to hampton 😦 well it sounds like u guys had tons of fun!!!!! i should’ve stowed away in your luggage 😉 although i’m not sure i would be able to breathe well o.O so yeah…………….. RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyay yur site is coolio ! u should download some cooking games on it! haha JK anyway see ya wednesday bye!


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