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Quadruple D, Day two!

Today was my second day of “Quadruple D!” and this time, I was the chef! Yes!! It was great! I got to cook for my family, and friend, and it was great! I had a lot of fun with my cousin Christy and her husband Doug, and their little girl Natalie, and then of course, my G-ma! And then we had a friend named Mr. Kim come over, and we had an amazing time together! You know, I always love seeing family, because I love to smile and laugh, and the best people to do that with is friends and family! And with my famous Chicken Alfredo! Do you remember (for some of myregular readers) the post where I told you about my OWN recipes?  Well, I made my awesome Chicken Alfredo! I actually made a few different varieties with my pasta. I did the regular alfredo sauce, then me and my mom made meatballs with spaghetti sauce, and then I bought a small jar of pesto, and we put that on some of the noodles!  As you can read, I made quite a LOT of food! But we needed it because my dads side of the family are REALLY (and I mean TOTALLY) big eaters! We eat a LOT! And who says that’s a bad thing??? I mean really, not a bad thing at all. Only if you eat really gross food, then it’s a problem! But sometimes my family can get pretty moody if they don’t get their meal on time, so if we eat, we are one BIG happy family! Everyone loves food, and that just makes everything more special! So yep! This was one of my favorite nights!!! This post it totally dedicated to my family on my dads side. EVERY one of you! G-ma, Aunt Jodi, Uncle Joey, Tj, Christy, Natalie, and yeah yeah, you too Doug! I love all of you! Oh! Lets not forget Mr. Kim!!!! I love ALL my family! my In-Laws, and my blood family! Family if one of the best blessings that God can give you!  I have some of my best memories with them! And that makes me feel really, really good!  God bless family!!!!!

Happy Eating!


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  1. Dana, it was great meeting you, Jesse, and the rest of your family. Thanks for a GREAT meal today. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your stay here in the Deep South.

  2. Carolyn Davis (G-ma)

    It was great having you all here for a couple of days and to get a chance to sample your cooking! Can’t wait for it to happen again. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your vacation in Atlanta and that you make great progess on your Quadruple D program.

  3. Dana – I love the blog and am so sorry we missed seeing you all this trip. I can’t wait to try your cooking. It sure looks and sounds good! Have fun in Atlanta. Love you and miss you!

    • Awe! It’s okay! I had so much fun seeing Natalie! She’s a doll baby! I really wish I had seen you too! I miss you so much! We are having a great time, and I love hearing from you! I’ll email you sometime!!!! Maybe after I blog!!!! Loves to all of you! Tell Tj that I said hey and tell Uncle joey the same!!!!


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