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Quadruple D, Day One

Today was my first day as Quadruple D! I arrived very safely to my destination (Aiken South Carolina, my grandmothers home), and we had some great food from “Carolina bar-B-Q”!!! It is a diner, well it’s closest to a diner but I think it is really a buffet. But you see, we didn’t go to the place to eat… my grandmother brought it back for us to eat at her house! And I have to tell you, it’s as good at it is at her house as it is at the restaurant! It was really good and I love it! I have gone to this place before, and I think it’s just a really cool place, and they make some of the best bar-b-q ever!!!!! I have a little story to share with you too!  When my mom was in college she went to this really good bar-b-q place ever, and she loved it, but when she left she had no clue where she had just gone. I don’t know if she forgot or just didn’t know where she was in the first place, but she said that one of the first times we went to Carolina Bar-B-Q, she  thought that the place we were looked just like the place she went when she was in college, so she went inside and she knew that was the place that she went when she was in college! That was just a cool story that she wanted me to share with you!

Tomorrow I will be cooking diner for my family, and I will be making Chicken Alfredo, so keep in touch with me and hope to talk to you soon! Happy Eating!!!!


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