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Grilled Marinated Pork Tenderloin with Warm White Bean-Pepper Compote, Part Two

This is Part two of today’s dish!!! And I have to say that this part is going to sound a lot more tastier then the first one! This came out AHH-Mazing! I loved it so much! I couldn’t believe how it turned out! What I did first was make the compote. What I did for that was cut up three bell peppers (red, yellow and orange) and fried those until they were nice and soft. Then I added garlic and let that infuse into the peppers to give it a really good flavor. And after that I put the pepper mixture into a bowl and then added one onion, some lemon juice, red wine vinegar and some seasonings. That made it really good. You haven’t even cooked anything and it already smells delicious!  Then I set that aside, and started on my pork! This was the most interesting experience I’ve had on this blog! I used a panini maker and grilled the pork in that. It was… umm… different! Way different! But lets get to the point. What I did was take the pork out of the bag of marinate and put it on the hot “grill”. That simple.  What happened, though, was that the panini maker wasn’t hot enough to cook all the way through,  so I got the grill marks and got it nice and browned, and then I had to switch it to the oven, just so I can get it cooked all the way through. And then I finished the compote. All I had to do for that was warm it up in the skillet. And then the pork finished, and it was done! It looked so good, and it was out of this world delicious!!!! I plated the compote on the side and then put a dollop of sour cream on the side! I like to use my imagination, and my interesting taste buds to try out new, different things. So I tried this pork with sour cream, and it was so good!!! I’m going to have sour cream on all my pork now! It was really good and the compote gave it a good flavor! So yep!!! This was a really good meal! Bon Appetite!


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  1. This dish was awesome, Dana! Loved it! So glad you and Jesse saved me some!

  2. Mary Alice Booth

    Your Mom shared this pic with me and it sure looks yummy! Wish I had a Junior Chef at my house, too!

  3. Yeah, but I heard you have quite the painter/ jewelery maker! Thanks Miss Mary Alice!!! Maybe I can make you something when we get back from our trip!!!!
    Junior Chef/Dana

  4. YUMMY ! all of your food is always awesome! i hould hire u to cook for my next birthday! 😉


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