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Yummy Alsatian Chicken!!

This was a really good dish!! I loved it. But it wasn’t what I was expecting… at all! What I did was brown up the whole chicken cut into pieces I had, and then I fried up half and onion and 6 ounces of mushrooms then set that aside. Then I used my technique, deglazing. I deglazed the pan with heavy cream and then when I was done with the deglazing. I added Ginger-Ale. This recipe usually called for beer, but, I didn’t do beer. If you have a family like mine and don’t drink or buy beer, you can substitute. And it’s tastes exactly the same by using Ginger-Ale instead of beer!!! Okay, lets not get off track! Then I mixed that stuff in together, and let it come to a rapid boil. And then I put the chicken in. And it was smelling DELICIOUS by the time those bad boys were done!!! And then after the chicken was ready, I made a sauce. Actually, I think for the sauce I put more heavy cream in, just to make it thicker! And then I put one of the pieces of chicken on a plate, with the yummy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, two mini rolls, and butter, and shot a picture. So now you have something new to look at too!!!!

This is what the final dish looked like, although I had to borrow this image from the internet, since we lost the image my brother took!

I have a few announcements. First, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for not writing a lot lately. I’ve been way busy and sometimes I just have no time for getting on the computer. And to tell you the truth, I sometimes forget to do my blog. Shh, don’t tell a soul!!!! And my family has been planning a trip for a while and we are leaving this Saturday I think, and that’s been crazy. Our trip. I can tell you about that too!! We are going to Aiken  first and we will be visiting my Grandma, and my cousin and her husband. And of course, my adorable second cousin!!! Then we are off to Atlanta!!! To do a ton (and I mean a TON) of stuff. We are going to try out some of those amazing restaurants!!! One of them (the one I’m looking forward to MOST) is a place called Chicken and Waffles, and it looks so good! I can’t wait. We will also be going to the World of Coke, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Atlanta Zoo… and I can’t even say the rest, because we are doing so much stuff!!!! When we visit my Grandma, I will be cooking Chicken Alfredo for them. My own recipe too!!!! And I think we are going to visit some of our other friends who live that way too, and I will be cooking for them too!!! I’m going to make that Ham Tortellini that I told you about in the past!!

So anyway, just an update because I know some people have been wanting one. Oh yeah, and one more update. You might be noticing in upcoming pictures that some of them are really good. That is because I now have a photographer for my blog. His name is Jesse, and he, in fact, is my brother!!! He started getting really into photography and he has been taking most of my pictures and they are really good!! He goes out almost every Saturday with my Grandpa… who is also a photographer, and takes pictures. Your going to LOVE them!!! I do!!! Well, this is probably my last post before I go on my trip so I hope that you won’t be sad. And when I get back, I’ll blog a ton and tell you about it!! I’ll get lots of pictures to show you, too!!!! BON APPETITE!!!!!


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