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Pasta with Ricotta Cheese!!!!!

Yum yum!! This was a really good recipe. Yes I made something else and this might not be my last post YET, because my mom really wants me to start cooking more so I might have one or two more before I leave!!! I loved this recipe though! It was just like spaghetti but with the ricotta. The cheese gave it this whole new taste and I thought it was pretty fascinating!!! It was great! The ricotta cheese was seasoned with nutmeg, and salt and pepper! It was the greatest!! Maybe my favorite recipe yet! I didn’t eat much though because I wasn’t really hungry, but I did taste it and it was well, I already said this but I’ll say it again! It was GREAT!!! AHHMAZING!!! FASCINATING!!! There! That’s how good it was! And it was so simple. You just make spaghetti and put the seasoned cheese on top, but it just changes instantly when the cheese goes on!!

My brother got a picture of it so he will get on later and put the Alsatian Chicken and the Pasta with Ricotta Cheese on here, and you will be amazed and how good they both looked!!! I loved both of them! Anyway, I really want you guys to know that this cookbook is a really good buy! If you want recipes that the whole family loves then I suggest this book! And the whole family can help!!! They are really interesting. I really wish that Richard Sax (the author of the book) wasn’t dead. I feel I know him even though he’s not alive. I have a special bond with him or the guy who helped him finish it. Because he actually died while he was writing the book. But I love him, even though he’s dead. He seemed like a great man! Anyway, I’ll stop before I cry!!! TEARS OF JOY!!!! He really was great! I feel so so sad for his family! But they must have been proud of his accomplishments!!! I am!


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  1. I’m sorry to say that my brother lost the picture of the Alsatian Chicken so I won’t be able to show that to you guys. I’m extremely sorry!


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