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Well! Finally! A teenager!

Yesterday was FINALLY the first day of my teen years! I turned 13 yesterday and I felt great and happy! I had a great party with my friends, had a sleepover and had a blast! I have some sad news though. I had my party outside for a concert under the stars, and there was no way what-so-ever I could make and take Death by Chocolate, so I’m sorry to say, I did not make Death be Chocolate. I know, I’m a bad girl!!! But even though we didn’t have my dream cake, we did have some ADORABLE cupcakes! Well, you see, my color is TOTALLY, EXTREMELY, UNBELIEVABLY… purple! So I got some white icing and then use blue and red food coloring to make it purple and I made really cute cupcakes! And my mom picked up some dark purple m&ms and I put those on top! They were so good and cute and it was great! And another thing that made my day even more special was that at the concert you know there’s like almost 200 people… so I had to go up to the front and the whole crowd sang happy birthday to me! It was so embarrassing, but special! Anyway, I had an amazing birthday! I love all my friends and family because they make me feel so special and love me more then anything! So thank you to all my friends for being, like, the best people that I could EVER know! I love you ALL!!!!!! 🙂

p.s.! I forget to tell you that right after the whole crowd sang happy birthday to me, I got to go up on the stage and conduct the band for a few minutes! Maybe like two! So that was special too!


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Dana!!! Wow your thirteen I can’t believe it. Has it really been that long since I saw you last? Well I hope it is a wonderful year for you and that God would give you many more. With lots of love,
    ~Bethany Franco
    P.S. please give my regards to your family


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