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Happy Birthday to My Mommy!

tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, and just wanted to let all you know that she will be having so much fun tomorrow and wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her in a special way! And this is the way!  I made a wonderful skillet cake for her (look past in my blog, and you will see the original post for it!), and it looks so good! So Happy birthday mommy! And everyone sing happy birthday to her!

PS… My birthday is next Thursday, but I’m not allowed to speak of it untill my moms birthday is over! I will tell you my menu for my party on Thursday! But all I will say now is that, well, don’t get jealous that I probably haven’t invited you, but I will be making Death By Chocolate cake for my guests!!!!! Ahh, I cannot wait!


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  1. Tell your mom happy b-day. And you too HAPPY B-DAY!!! I miss you a lot.
    It has been 2 years since we have seen you. Well I need to go happy b-day.


    • Hey Thanks Havi! That’s so sweet! I know, I haven’t seen you in forever! I bet your getting pretty big! Well, you know, today is my moms birthday, so I’m not aloud to speak of mine today… yet I am! Well thanks again!

  2. Dana – Death by Chocolate – what an adventerous recipe. I know it will be delicious. It is something like 60 ounces of chocolate between all of the components – well, you know where to go if you run short of ingredients. Have fun and let me know how it turns out.

  3. Hope your Mommy had a great birthday. Love you and I can’t wait to see you soon!


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