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Ahh!!! The Joys of Home made Cookies ‘n’ Cream Ice Cream!

Oh my word you guys!  This stuff is out of this world!  Home made ice cream is the best kind of ice cream that anyone can have, and I know that you know, and if you don’t then, well,shame on you!! Just Kiddin’!  And anyways, to make it BETTER than it already is, you make Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream and you will find yourself having more ice cream than you usually have.  I know because I just had like 5 scoops of it and my mom did too and she’s usually the one having like a scoop or two! But it is so good.  Let me explain about how I got something to make ice cream!  Last week we went to my grandpa’s house to give him something for Fathers Day, and once we left my mom mentioned that she wanted an ice cream maker for her birthday, and my Grammie (who is the best supporter I have for my cooking career because she always buys me stuff that involve something to cook, and she took me to a cooking class  and gave me a Kitchen Aid… and I could go ON AND ON about her about I don’t have time!) told us to stay there for a second and she went inside and brought out the churner that fits on my Kitchen Aid and said it doesn’t fit her new one, so I got an ice cream churner to fit my Kitchen Aid… and there you go!  I can now make ice cream all the time… whenever I want!!!!! YAY!  It was so cool!  I love her too much for words and I always will!  She’s amazing and it’s great to have a relative who is a chef and can talk cooking with me. And other stuff that’s not really important!

So the way to make this is you get some half and half and you heat that up in a medium saucepan and then after that you set it aside and then in the amazing Kitchen Aid you mix 8 eggs yolks and a cup of sugar and then after that you put the half and half in it, and then mix it a little more, and then you put it in a large bowl and put some heavy whipping cream (that’s what I used, but you can use regular whipping cream too… whatever you want!) and vanilla extract and mix that up and then you put that mixture in the refrigerator for 8 hours (yes a long time… but don’t rush it).  Then when that is done, you put the churner attachment on your Kitchen Aid, and then put your mixture in it and churn it for 20 minutes on low-speed, until it gets pretty thick.  For Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream (and I recommend cookies ‘n’ cream, because, well, it’s good and that’s all I can say!!!!) after like 18 minutes of churning you put maybe 20 crushed up Oreo cookies in and mix it up, but you have to do it REALLY quick!  And there you have it! The best ice cream you will EVER TASTE! ENJOY! Bon Appetite!

PS… seriously, you gotta make this!!!!


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  1. My recipes get more and more better as the days go by! Hmm… I wonder if I can open a restarent and actually stay in bissuness!!!


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